Saturday, June 16, 2018

Special Edition Alert

A few months ago I featured a special combined edition of two Scrimmage books on my Patreaon. I have since closed the Patreaon but would like to offer anyone interested in the special edition, a chance to pick it up without subscribing to a monthly service. 

Through Payhip only. As it can not be published without removing the two existing books. Please do not share to Goodreads, this isn't an official book. 

When I wrote Any Given Sunday, I wrote it around Six Ways from Sunday. Meaning, I wrote a story to complete 6Ways, the way it should have been written in the first place, without including the events in 6ways. I wrote as if those chapters happened, because they did, leading up to them and away from them or from a different POV if I wrote during those chapters. On a lark, I cut and pasted 6ways into the appropriate places in Any Given Sunday, and with the exception of one chapter ending, it fit perfectly, the one where I did double POV from one book to the next.
I wrote AGS because, I didn't set out to write a series when I wrote 6ways. I didn't plan for Sidelined to be a sequel. I didn't plan for Levi to exist in Bo's world, until they were both on the same team... and it became something different. All along the way Levi's secrets and lies mingling with Bo's life. And Jude. And Will. Pulling Tracy in, with the second biggest secret of all being Sully... the only person not affected by Levi in the whole series, is Raf, but on the other hand, he had to wade through the mess Levi left behind, and it could kill his career completely.... when you set out to write a couple of bittersweet romances and create a monster.

You can pick up your choice of format from the links below. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase. Click through until you find the pay with credit/debit card button.

For KINDLE       For EPUB 


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mercy Made 3: Writer Inspiration metal Cuff bracelet

I have a saying. It's one I've used for years. I put it on a bracelet.

Write All the Words

I use it as a reminder to get the story out first. Write all the words in your head. First. You can't fix what isn't there. Write all the words.

And, the standard Once Upon a Time because, after all, romance is modern day fairy tales is it not?

I'm playing with slogans and looking for short book quotes from my books. Very short. Will probably add a Happy Ever After bracelet as well. Eventually.

The cuff bracelets are six inches long. The Write All the Words bracelet is 1/2 inch wide. And the Once Upon a Time is 1/4 inch wide. They are a slightly adjustable. I have a large wrist, they do not fit me well. If you'd like, you can choose either size for either saying. Both options are in the drop down box on the buy link.
Write Cuff for the first quote. Once Cuff for the second Quote.

Bracelets will be made to order and will be unique, and polished.

Cuff bracelet

Mercy Made 2: Bo and Dylan dogtag set

I've been playing with stamp metal jewelry lately. It's quite cathartic. You get to pound shit with a hammer.

My first creation was this Bowen and Dylan dog tag. With the silver chain pictured or with a black leather cord. About 18 inches. Add the pewter football charm to get the whole set.

Dog tag will be custom made after you order it. There will be variation in letter placement. See the drop down tab in the buy button to pick your option, the basic dog tag is $12, with the football charm it's $17. Choose chain or cord. Shipping is $2.50 for first class the US addresses only.

Note to international buyers, this item will be available on my Etsy store, with (hopefully) international shipping rates.

Southern Scrimmage Charm

Friday, June 8, 2018

99 Cent Weekend Sale Alert: Last Man Standing

On sale for 99 cents this weekend only

The latest book in the Southern Scrimmage to be re-branded. Last Man Standing pairs Raphael (Raf) Acosta, Levi Brody's replacement, with rookie sensation Damien (Sully) Sullivan. Otherwise known as Angel and Demon.

Angel and Demon are in direct competition for the starting quarterback position. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Damien is aggressive and hotheaded. Angel a little more laid back but after a horrible season, Angel knows he has the most to prove.

Tension and chemistry mix and Raf and Sully have to get along on the field while trying to keep their hands off each other in the bedroom.

LMS is the final link in the Southern Scrimmage Saga, Raf and Sully will return in the series finale... Blindsided.

Second edition cover art  by Jay Aheer

All buy links are HERE            

Monday, June 4, 2018

Cover Reveal: Courting Sin

Cover by Jay Aheer of Simply Defined Art

Courting Sin

Release date

June 26, 2018
available for pre-sale

available through Payhip 

The team of Carter Sinclair and Riley Thompson has ruled the sport of Beach Volleyball for years.
Partners on the court for six years, and friends with benefits off the court for almost as long, Sinclair and Thompson are on top of the world.
Until a photo of Sin and Riley in a compromising position goes viral.
Shouldn’t be a problem, Sin and Riley have been together for years.
Except, Riley is straight. Or so he claims.
But when Sin’s estranged father dies, something as mundane as a sex scandal is the least of their worries.
Scandal not of their own making puts Riley’s dream of Olympic gold on hold. And threatens to cost him his partner… on the court and off.
He has two choices, he can pretend the photo never happened, and find a new partner. Or… admit his feelings and choose a lifetime of Courting Sin.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

My personal opinion on Kindle Unlimited and why it's broken at the root.

 The idea of KU is actually good. I understand the draw of it. I understand being broke. I understand paying for Netflix and Hulu and upgrading those services for better quality and no commercials. In a perfect world that's what KU is supposed to be. 

A way to read more on a budget. AND the authors get paid. Win Win for everyone. Amazon would make more money with their 65% and 30% cuts of each individual book sold. So really it was a nice thing for them to do for their readers... in the beginning.

Kindle Unlimited has been a nightmare for authors from the get-go. Oh, it started out small. Forced exclusivity, being the biggest problem. You absolutely must only use Amazon. Who controls your seller account and can and will find any little petty problem to use against you if you even think about doing something they don't like. Or a former publisher doesn't remove your book from all vendors. Or some pirate sites somehow get on their radar. Or you have too many page reads when you're a nobody. Or you have too many reviews when you're a nobody. Therefore you must be gaming their system and you're on their shit list.

The problem from the beginning, to me has always been, besides the forced exclusivity... is that KU books count in the Amazon algorithms as paid books. While reviews of KU read books do not show as verified purchased reviews.

First, I have always felt from day one that KU books should not be ranked with paid purchases. Yes, they can absolutely distinguish between a paid sale of a KU book and a KU borrow. 

Of all the egregious aspects of KU after four years, this is the root problem to me. My opinion. 

I waited a few months before putting my books in KU the first year. I put the lower performing books in first and they took off. KU brought those books back into public notice, so yes, I benefited from this. In the beginning, maybe it was fine. This was the way we could drive interest on older books. Make our back lists continue to work for us.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a living as a writer. I have to say that now. I am sick and tired of people saying that if you want to make a living writing it's not about the art. It's about the money. People go to art school to learn to make a living on their art. It's about making your art work for you. If you don't want to see artists of any kind get paid to create the work you enjoy to read, listen to, or plaster your walls with... then you're actually a jerk.

Writing is an expensive damned hobby. Even if you do publish with a publisher. You still have to market yourself. Conferences. Workshops. Computers. Word processing programs. Research materials. Printer ink. Paper. Time away from family and the EDJ... it costs. As an indie writer, you pay for your cover art. All editing passes. All marketing. Websites. Everything that the pub-pubbed people have to pay for after the book comes out.... and yeah, there are free ways to market, but as the publishing world, and the actual world changes, those ways are going away. The best free promotional tool was always social media. Now FB and Twitter limit your access to your followers. FB more than Twitter. Privacy warnings are now placed on my blog. ON MY BLOG! I don't even have ads, but there it is. 

And because Amazon got pissy about non-verified reviews, they limited review blogs access, or completely barred them from posting reviews. If you even look like you know an author they will not allow your review. Verified or not verified.

Because, in the beginning, Amazon decided that KU books counted as paid for ranking purposes but not paid for reviewing purposes. Which, over time allowed for review buying. Which also played into their algorithm. So 99 cent books with one thousand pages started popping up as paid, with hundreds of reviews on release day. From authors no one has ever heard of. And you know... it only takes about ten people to download a KU book and skip to the end of a thousand pages to mark that book as read. Then ten more friends to get it to the top of the paid list. 

Books that are free to anyone with a KU account pushed out non-KU books that cost money. Forcing more and more indie authors to join KU to compete. Further pushing out the publisher published books. Unless they are big name authors with a huge marketing machine behind them, publisher published mid-listers were pushed out. Whole small press publishers have gone out of business. Because at the root of all of this, KU books that are free to read are counted as paid books. And a paid book can not compete with free.

Never mind the book stuffing, and the review buying, and the scamming and conning and the 'How to make a hundred thousand dollars a month publishing shit through KU' groups and workshops there are now. That one small detail of making free books count more than paid books... destroyed the romance publishing industry. Making free books earn a royalty for 'authors' was the second mistake. Free should be free and paid should be paid and KU should be in a category of it's own, without the forced participation... and a cap on the number of pages in each book... but, what do I know. I'm just a shitty indie author that got priced out of the game.


Bitter, party of me.