Monday, October 22, 2018

Mercy Made: Fleur de Lis Key Chains

Made by me. If you call attaching a pendant charm to a key chain hook.

Somehow the Fleur de Lis became my symbol.
Okay, I know how. Most of my work is set in New Orleans and what we down here call Acadia, with Mobile being at the far edge of that area. And the Fleur de Lis is a very common symbol here. It's not just the symbol of a football team.

So... I really like the symbol. It's peaceful. It's a lily. What's more peaceful than a symbolic lily?

Soo... I have two choices of the Fleur de Lis in charm form.

A large silver plated filigree for $12.00.

And a smaller bronze shield for $9.00.

Shipping is free to US addresses.

Fleur de Lis Key Chains

Mercy Made: Turquoise Skulls wrap bracelets

Also Alaina made.

The skulls are made from turquoise stone.

The skulls on the gold set are from bleached turquoise. With pale gold mother of pearl and gold plated pewter beads.
This bracelet wraps four times around most arms. Larger arms will wrap three times.

This one is $30.00

The turquoise and silver turquoise skull bracelet have silver mother of pearl and silver plated pewter beads.
This bracelet wraps three times around most arms.

Memory wire.

This one is $27.00

Shipping is free inside the US.

Buy button has a drop down tab with both options.

Turquoise Skulls

Mercy Made: Harley Quinn twin set

Well, this set is Alaina Made.

Harley Quinn themed set of memory wrap bracelets. Red coral and obsidian chip beads, with pewter rose spacers, and charms.

Bracelet one has a large charm with Harley Quinn's name, and two accent charms on each end.

Bracelet two has a broken heart charm set in Harley's colors, with two accent charms on each end.

Both bracelets are three wraps... fits most arms, small and large. Large wrists will not have as many wraps.

$27 each.

Free shipping to US addresses only.

Buy link has both choices in a drop down tab.

Harley Quinn bracelets

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Stuck in Traffic part one

Only for the brave. The Limo Orgy scene too hot for Offside Chance. Yes it will be canon when the end comes. 

October Report

Sooo much to talk about. Lots of changes happening. Good things. Bad things. Meh things.

I've been in a holding pattern this year it seems. Life hit hard. Stuff I can't and won't talk about. Just... anyway, writing hasn't been something I wanted to do. And when I did it, it wasn't what the reader wanted... so... no idea.

I know that I've been doing the same thing for a very long time and expect the same results as I had in the middling. I worked my way up to a point that I never thought to be, and then... well, we all get complacent. We all keep doing what worked once hoping lighting will strike twice. It struck me a few times and I'm grateful. But at the same time it set a bar I can't ever hope to reach again. So I do what I did over and over and over with ever increasing disastrous results.

I see you out there, going I love your work. ALL of it. I'd read anything you write. I'd read the phone book if you wrote it. Yes, you've told me this. But you know... you won't. I have three types of readers. I have those who read In from the Cold first. I have those who read Behind Iron Lace first. And I have those who read the first three books in the Scrimmage series first. And each group thinks this is how I write and should always write. I write other types of books beyond those three subsets. I write straight romance... MM readers will not read anything with girly bits, well, there's a rare few who will. I write paranormal. I'd love to write more paranormal. Sighs. If only the readers had taken a chance. I desperately want to write light weight material, but nope... not having that. Angst angst angst... then I write the angst and I get one starred because all I write is angst.

Reader person, I do not understand you. The lot of you. I don't know what you want. I mean, I do. You tell me in great detail all the time what I did wrong. Very few tell me what I did right. It's gotten to the point that I'm afraid to write anything because... well, the whole "my characters should be taken away from me for their protection" comment still sticks with me. You read me because I write this angst driven formula you love, but when I take the story to the obvious conclusion, you don't like that something not sweet and sexy happened to your favorite character... but god forbid I don't write angst and then it's all I can't believe this is Mercy Celeste writing this. I think someone else wrote this.

Dude... I'm going to clue you in on a little secret... the last two years of real life have damn near killed me. I keep telling y'all that. My hair has gone almost completely gray. My health has deteriorated to a point that I can't do much. And outside issues beyond my control have kept me in a constant state of stressed beyond my breaking point. And I have a really high breaking point. Broken people tend to have really high breaking points after a while. I thought my breaking point was nearing Empire State Building heights. But alas... the past two years have leveled me to my foundation.

Writing angst is cathartic... sometimes. I worked a lot of demons out in the two years following my daddy's death. But coming up on the two year anniversary of my mother's death... and my demons won.

I don't want to write anything with angst in it. I am terrified that if I open that vein I will bleed out. I'm close to the bleeding out point now.

So I wrote a light weight (for me) series and it was met with meh. So I wrote a high angst lots of sex book and it was met with meh, then outrage.

So.... I'm done trying to figure you out. What you want me to write and what I want to write are not lining up... so... we're all trapped in this holding pattern. You're waiting for the final Scrimmage book. And nothing but the final Scrimmage book will do. And I would rather eat glass than write that book. Maybe ever. Because that book will bleed me out.

So... I'm going to write more straight romance. I mean, my MM followers have mostly abandoned me. And there it is. I'm doing the same thing hoping for the same result and with the exception of maybe a thousand readers, my MM work is met with meh, pass.

I'm going to write more paranormal. Two of my next three books will be paranormal. One will not have much sex in it at all... because frankly, I'm sort of in a place where I don't want to try to balance the sex. I want to write non-sex books... and then flipside to all sex with little plot. That's my two speeds. I don't want angst. I want adventure and mystery and then over here let's just fuck our way across the country and call it a journey of self discovery... or whatever.

Do I expect you to follow me?

No, not really. It would be nice if you did. But, I'm old. Older than my physical years. I've been writing the same way for twenty years. Twenty long years... and it's not working for me anymore. Obviously, it's not working for you either.

There will be MM. Two of the next three books will be MM.

There will be stuff that I can't publish at all, but you can find it through my Payhip page. (the one I'm about to set up). Right now, the first chapter in a Scrimmage side story is up over there. The second chapter will be there this week. It will not be published as one book.

And... I'm working on the second Twincest book now. I'm two chapters into that one. Okay, three, there is a prologue. I know... I hate prologues. But there is one.

I'm playing with the idea of payhip publishing the scrimmage side story that could probably get me arrested. I mean it's kiddie porn. but... anyway.

Upcoming books include:

Epiphany (finally) hopefully in late November

Gone Astray (book three in the Adventures INK series) In late December, or early January. And I think I'm going to write a fourth book. From Skip's POV. To close out the series.

And in the straight category:

Cloak and Athame (erotic paranormal suspense) In January.

Untitled sensual contemporary romantic suspense. In February.

Available only on Payhip:

The limo orgy serial: Stuck in Traffic ( part one available now. part two coming this week sometime)

2nd & Goal: The follow up to Two Point Conversion. (will not be professionally edited)

projects to be named later...

When will Blindsided be released? I know you're asking this.

I don't know. I haven't written it.

When my ability to cope with my personal demons returns. Best answer I have. If that's what you're waiting for... well, see ya around sometime, no hard feelings.

Am I tired and depressed? yeah. My depression is kicking my ass. Thanks for noticing. I'm exhausted and every day is a struggle to get through. But I'm trying. I'm struggling... but I'm trying.

Look for the payhip buy links if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

Talk later,


Sunday, September 30, 2018

The House with a Clock in its Walls

Way back in elementary school in Grand Ridge, Florida. Circa 4th grade. Also circa 1979. I saw a show one Saturday morning... I can't remember the name of it. It was a show that did a breakdown of books with some still life photography to tell the abridged stories. Long before Reading Rainbow. And Wishbone. Do you you remember Wishbone? On PBS. My oldest daughter loved that show. The one with the little Jack Russell Terrier telling us a classic story as it related to the goings ons in his people's lives?

This was not those shows. I don't remember what it was called. I just remember that one winter day circa 1979 I was watching that show after winning a fight with my brother not to have to watch a rerun of one of the shows he loved. He usually won. We watched a lot of Justice League back then. And He Man. And... just pick any boy aimed show and we watched it. Not that there was much to choose from for girls. Remember that year the Bay City Rollers had a show on Saturday morning? One hit wonder wannabe rockers wearing plaid got a show on Saturday morning... and I watched it. I was ten. I think my favorite was the show that did different cartoons in a rotation. There was one called Miss Switch is a Witch. Loved that show. I really liked the cartoons that were based on books I would never be able to find anywhere... like ever... So one winter's day circa 4th grade I was watching that show that featured abridged versions of books... and I remember distinctly The House with a Clock in its Walls... because it was creepy. I loved creepy. And my brother shut the hell up about his cartoon and watched it with me for once. I think he was six. It was just creepy enough to get his attention... well anyway... cut to Library Day at school. I mean, it wasn't a big library obviously. It wasn't a big school. The elementary library was in a double wide portable classroom at the far far edge of campus. I probably have a larger children's library left over from four kids hand me downs than that library had back then. But oh how I loved that place. I just hated that they only let us check out one book at a time.

I remember three books that I loved, and checked out all the time, and read and reread... and I can't remember a the damn titles of the books to save my life.

One was about a couple of kids who end up ship wrecked with a bunch of babies. I found a book similar to that called Baby Island, but it didn't seem like the same story. Then there was another book sort of similar to that one (and could probably be the exact same book just a different part of it) about a girl going to The Thousand Islands on vacation. No clue. Not one... and then there was the one that still bugs the hell out of me and I can't even come up with enough of a synopsis to get a hit on Google. It was a story, with pictures, but not a picture book, with art that reminds me of Eloise a bit... anyway, the book was about a girl who moved to a new town and saw a life sized doll in a shop and fell in love with it. She saved up her money and tried to buy the doll but it wasn't for sale... and somehow she ended up in the shop with no one around and in the end the doll wasn't a doll but a marionette. and it seems like it was a mystery... but hell that was 40 years ago... dear god I'm old...

So back to the relevant part of this whole hop scotch down memory lane... I went to the library on Library Day to get The House with a Clock in its Walls... because that is a title you do not forget... because it's so freakin generic it's genius... and... low and behold the tiny little elementary school library didn't have it. But... the librarian, who I always thought hated me, seemed intrigued, and said she would order it for me.

It never came in. I checked every Library Day until spring of 1981. And it just never came in.

And then sometime after that, my brother came dragging in a book... he didn't like to read, so he didn't get many interesting books, especially fiction books. He got books on frogs and stuff and I lost interest in him... but he had the very book I'd been dying to read for years.

And... I swear I read it. Maybe I started it, and the asshole took it back. I don't know. He was that type of person. Anyway...

Today I took my daughter and one of her friends to the movies. And guess what we saw?

The House with a Clock in its Walls... and... I don't know how true it stayed to the book, but it was a glorious little movie.

The book was published in the early 70's. It is set post WWII in the early 50s. And is visually gorgeous. So, as with most literature written for children in the previous centuries, it was wee bit wordy, and yeah it did drag a little bit with conversation. But, it was a grand mixture of eerie and comedy. I'm not going to say it was scary... I mean it had some tense moments, and there were scenes designed to make you jump. I'm not going to say it wasn't scary. There were some creepy moments. I mean, it wasn't Wicked Witch of the West and those damned flying monkeys creepy... but... on a scale of Hocus Pocus to Halloweentown... it was a Casper the Friendly Ghost level scary.

And I'm happy to report, the two twelve year old girls I took with me to see this movie, actually liked it.

For the adults... Erik Cripkey, of Supernatural and Timeless fame, wrote the script. I had a few laugh out loud moments when the rest of the audience stayed silent... well, let's just say, he said that this was the book that inspired Supernatural... and there are some fun little nods to Supernatural. Most going WAY back. Way back.

So... if you're looking for an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, with a kid, or without a kid...

The House with a Clock in its Walls is highly recommended...

... Off to see if I can find the book somewhere.

Happy last day of September... the spook month is upon us.