Friday, July 19, 2019

Coming Soon: Updates

It's July 19, 2019, and I thought I would do a little blog keeping today and update my Coming Soon page. 

Instead, I deleted the Coming Soon page. 

I am going to start doing the monthly updates on the main blog page with hopes that they will be seen.
So... It's been a long, long summer.

The last update I wrote was on the last day of my daughter's school year. And we are now two weeks away from the start of a new school year. 

Time really does fly sometimes. When I became Mercy Celeste, Aubrey wasn't even five yet. She's thirteen now. One more year of middle school, then on to high school. When I became Mercy Celeste I still had two kids in high school. I think. I believe I first wrote as Mercy during my son's senior year. He's now twenty-five. 

This summer we weren't able to do too much. But we've made jewelry, and Aubrey is learning to animate. Her drawing skills have improved so very much and she's writing books now. Fanfiction, but, that's how a lot of authors start. She and her friends have book writing text sessions. I don't know if she found them because of her interest in art and writing or if she is dragging her friends along with her. It's simply astounding to me that they all share this interest. That was not my childhood experience. 

I was not encouraged to write. Hell, I wasn't even encouraged to read. At home or school. Strange how that works. Daydreaming... does not work to potential. Reads too much. 

I was bored. 

BORED! And I'm pretty sure I have math dyslexia.  If that's a thing. Numbers don't make sense to me. They never did. And I failed nearly every class that had numbers involved. And now I find that I swap the numbers around when I'm working. I reverse either the first two or the last two when there are more than three digits. I can remember tons of numbers perfectly... But I can't write them down correctly. 

You'd think that by age 50 this would have been something that was caught... or noticed... Especially by me.

 Anyway... On with the business of updating what's going on with Mercy and books and stuff. 

Okay, first... I think that I'm going to phase this blog out by the end of the year. I had thought to keep the new website and blog separate from the book blog... That is not going to be sustainable. I can see that now. I can't be Mercy and Marcia. I am WE, we are ME... So, sighs... When I can afford to have someone help me make that blog into an actual functioning website then I'm going to move everything from here, to there. 

I do not plan to blog here beyond a monthly update or breaking news event anymore... So... Please, if you follow me here, you should visit my website and follow me there.

By January this blog will cease to exist. 

Okay... so book news... 

I announced that I plan to publish the third book in the Adventures INK series on August 6th... 


Okay... Still hoping to do just that, but that is getting close really, really fast. Two weeks and a few days. Like really fast.

 I am working out the kinks in my final revision before editing. I'm hoping to get it into editing by Monday, July 22nd. And that is going to be pushing it. Fingers crossed. 

If I can't get it done by the 6th, then it won't be long after. And this is why I don't do pre-orders. I am running behind due to unforeseen life events. And I can't rush the people who help me fix my shit. That would be rude. What's that saying... something about my inability to plan does not constitute an emergency on their part.

 I should start scheduling ebook releases months after I finish writing the book to give me time... but... Once I set a book aside, it tends to stay set aside, and really, I don't like working on multiple books at one time, or having to stop writing one book to do edits on another book. I tend to lose the momentum with the WIP that way. 
So... Gone Astray... Coming early August. Swear to whoever... Hopefully, on the 6th... Don't hold me to that... Definitely before the 15th. 

And then what? 

I don't know. 

I tend to write long novels. Long novels don't seem to be in fashion. The only book I've made any money on in the past two years was that sex book short story. 

Probably something like that.I don't have anything started. I don't have anything planned. I don't have any older stories to pull out and finish. So... I don't know.

 As I've said in the past, I'm 100% self-published. I have to pay for everything to publish my books. I have had one book in the past two years that made any money and I cannot pay bills and produce books on what I did make. I've had to start earning money just to make ends meet in other ways... And that takes away from my writing time. 

I cannot afford to publish books anymore, and if people aren't buying them for whatever reason... then I'm left to wonder why I write at all. 

 I think in the long run, with the state of Amazon, and my inability to reach an audience... that it might be time to call it quits... I'm trying not to. I really am. I can't not write. That is my blood. Like breathing... I just won't publish any more... 

And before anyone starts going what about what about what about... those two series that I owe an ending for... 

Well, the short answer is this, the last three books in the Scrimmage Series did not sell well at all. Like, they all sold less than 2000 copies. I was paid for less than 2000 copies for all three of those books... I did not break even with the last book... The second book in the Cold series just hit the 2000 copy paid mark after three years... If I owned a publishing company I'd cancel my contract due to lack of sales. If I can't make back what it cost to produce a book in a couple of months... then I'm not going to write a sequel. Just pretend Scrimmage ended with book 3 or that book 2 of Cold was never published... That's what I do. 

On related note... I've reduced the price of my January release to $2.99. I had planned a four-book series... But with less than 900 copies paid... well... I would love to write those books. I can't do it without readers.

 Please drop in at Amazon and pick up Epiphany... It's a super long gay paranormal suspense... For $2.99 and free to read on Kindle Unlimited.



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Book Covers created by Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hi: I have a new website

Just popping in to let y'all know that I have a new website blog and that's where you'll find me rambling on about things. Right now it is specifically not about actual books. But in the future I will integrate this blog into that blog. 

So, if you'd like to keep up with me please come and visit me at The Write Life and maybe sign up in the right side bar to follow my blog. 

Thanks so much,


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Release Date: Gone Astray

The third and final book in the Adventures INK series will be released on August 6th.

If you haven't read the first two books they are both available on Amazon and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Cover artist is the wonderfully talented Jay Aheer.

Official page and blurb coming soon.

Friday, January 18, 2019


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