In From The Cold: Third Anniversary Cover reveal

I've been talking about it for a long time. I wanted to update the cover of In from the Cold to celebrate it's 3rd anniversary. I mean it's my fourth oldest Mercy book and all of the other books have brand new covers. So why not? So I did.

While I loved the previous cover I wanted something less naked. More stark. I think I got an appealing cover that actually leans toward the tone of the book. I never thought of Cold as a sex book. It's more of an erotic suspense than anything and I'm very happy with this cover.

Artist is once again, Reece Notley.

I hope you like it.

Please note: There are no changes to the story. I simply reformatted and commissioned a new cover. No need to rebuy.

Second note: I still have four print copies of the original available. Signed and shipped. See my website for buy link.

Kindle Unlimited experiment. Month 2

Last month I wrote a long rambling post about my experience with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited.

So to update that for the second month of sales.

Last month I reported that the per unit payout for each title was $1.52. And that the Global Fund was 3 million dollars.

This month, well, for October sales as reported today. The payout per unit was $1.33. Now this is where I get lost. The reported Global fund for October was again 3 million. But after my sales data was released I found an email stating that because of the huge success of KU they've added an additional 2.5 million to the October Global if it went up 2.5 mil then why did unit prices go down?

More books added would account for this, yes....but what would the payout have been if they hadn't upped the fund?

Now for sales numbers. I sold over 4k KU units. A large portion of that was at 99 cents regular price. Which means I was able to offer my books to regular buyers for a substantial discount and still make 98 cents more than I would have in regular sales?

Okay let me explain that.

A 99 cent book at regular sales earns a 35 cent straight royalty. And that's exactly what the books that sold at regular price earned. 35 cents per copy. While those same books "purchased" through Kindle Unlimited earned me $1.35.

On the other hand, those books that were listed at regular prices would have earned me more than $2 each depending on the price.

I have one month left on four books and two left on the rest. I'll make the decision in those months whether to continue on or to remove them from the service.

Now the thing is, I've received many letters this month letting me know that I was found through KU and I can't dispute the nearly triple the sales per book title. While at the same time the increased visibility is driving real money sales upward as well.

Again this is not meant to advocate for or against KU it's just facts stated as best I can.

And I guess that I should add a disclaimer: Results will vary. Not everyone has the same sales. And please don't base your sales off mine. As with everything, it's subjective.

Hope you are all staying warm, and wishing you happy sales.


Crazy from the Heat is now in Paperback.

Now in paperback. To purchase a signed copy please click the buy link below. Shipping is to US addresses only.