Sunday, May 31, 2020

Coming June 2020

Just dropping in to post the upcoming book releases on this blog. Which makes sense because it's my actual working book blog. If you'd like to read the blog posts about the upcoming books please visit my blog here,  .

So let's get to it.

Into the Gloaming (formerly Epiphany) re-release
Early June 2020

Behind Iron Lace 
new cover and refreshed formatting
early/mid June 2020

Behind Frosted Lace (formerly Lagniappe) 
mid/late June 2020

Bootleg Diva new cover, new branding, refreshed formatting
cover coming soon

late June 2020

Come Monday  
book 1 in the new 
Southern Scrimmage Prequel Series
Late June 2020

New pages to the right coming soon with cover artists and pertinent information