Friday, October 14, 2016

And So It Begins: Supernatural

I can and can't say that I've been a fan of Supernatural since the beginning. I say can and can't because I did watch the first half of the very first season as it aired on the WB. Our cable company dropped the local WB from it's line-up but our local WB was still too far away to pick up with rabbit ears. I did see the first half. I did enjoy what I saw. By the time the CW moved into our area and was once again on our local cable provider season three had just come to an end. That was the writer strike year. I saw no reason to start watching a show I was two and a half seasons behind on. So I didn't watch season four. However, towards the end of season four our library got the first four seasons of the show on DVD. I caught up. Big time. I binged all four seasons so I could watch season five when it started and I've been with it ever since.

That was seven years ago.

It's hard to believe that last night they began the twelfth season.

Sam and Dean and Jensen and Jared were just babies when the show started. If you go back and binge the husband and I have done over the past few's like watching them grow up. We just finished season six...again.

So let's talk about last night and this season and what I thought of it.

I seriously enjoyed season six, just so we know. Most people hated that season. Soulless Sam was probably my favorite half a season of the entire run. I tend to like the episodes where they go off on a tangent better than the tried and true. I like the seasons where they shake up the status quo. I think this is going to be one of those years. I wish the Demon Dean season had been longer on the Demon Dean part.

So, last night....SPOILER ALERT I MEAN IT!

I think the show started off very well. I might be in the minority. There was no Big Bad waiting right out of the box this season. That's refreshing. God is alive and well, and having a family reunion with his sister. Lucifer is in the wind. But he's weak and Crowley is on his tail. The only big bad so far is of a human variety. Which probably makes this big bad worse because they can't kill humans...well, you's happened Mom is back from the dead.

Dean is his mother's son. That is very obvious right from the start. The scene when Mary is reunited with Baby and leaning in on one side taking in the back seat with a certain gleam in her eye and Dean is leaning in with a gleam...and then notices his mom's gleam and it's priceless. Ohh ick. Never looking at that backseat the same again kinda moment.

Mary's expression when Castiel and Dean hug. She sees what we've all seen. Cas is the love of Dean's life...maybe not that way, but it's certainly there.

Sam, now, let's talk about Sam. I've never been a huge fan of Sam. I think he's too Jiminy Cricket to Dean's Chernabog. I don't think that's a bad thing...but it has colored the way I look at him. And then there's the Soulless Sam season, and the episodes where Sam is left alone to fight his way out. Sam isn't the Jiminy Cricket. He never was. He just prefers a quieter way. When pressed he's stronger than Dean. Way stronger than Dean. And that's when I love Sam.

Last night I loved Sam. That's the Sam I want to see. The quiet Screw You Sam. I love that Sam.

This is like the start of season six...the Apocalypse has been averted and right now there's nothing pressing. No Lucifer to stick back in the cage. No Darkness to avert. I think like in season six we'll have to work up to the Big Bad. Because it's Supernatural. There's always a Big Bad. And sometimes that Big Bad is family. Whatever happens, it's going to be interesting to watch.


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