Monday, October 24, 2016

Is This Thing On!!!!!

I know I've jumped around a lot lately. Plus I'm sure the strange and unusual posts have some of you wondering if this is the same Mercy Celeste. It is. I swear.

Long time ago I used to blog a lot. About everything. I posted a blog a day. I did all kinds of things about all kinds of things. TV, Movies, Books, Cars, cooking gadgets, men. I talked about anything and everything.

I got away from that. I started focusing on my books. On troubles in the industry. On things that dragged me down. And people started getting sued for posting pictures they scrounged from the internet. men kinda went by the wayside. I don't know about you but I'm not able to afford to pay for every picture I post so I try to use the stuff that might not get me sued. I mean, the promo stuff for the TV shows...iffy...but it's promo stuff and I was talking up their shows and promoting them. Still iffy.

Unfortunately, I learned not to talk about books that weren't nearing completion. And right now I don't have a book anywhere near completion.

So let's talk about what's going on with me in the writing department and what's not going on.

Lots of questions about books.

So, right now I'm working on a western MM romance.

It's the sequel to my MF western that about ten people have read.

I know!


It's a story I've wanted to write for fifteen or so years so I'm indulging myself.

At this point not much may ever come of it.

What about Blindsided?

I made the announcement a couple of months ago that I was going to delay Blindsided until 2017. I needed to take a break from football and Levi's world is kind of painful to live in for nearly a year. I'll get back to it after I either finish or abandon the western.

And Sunday Schooled?

Well, again. I made the announcement that I've decided not to publish Sunday Schooled. I've decided not to finish the book. That Blindsided will be the final book in the series.

Sequels for ANYTHING ELSE?

I have no planned sequels for any other books at this time.

What to expect in 2017?

Besides Blindsided? I don't know. In a way I envy those authors who have a year or two of books mapped out. I can't do that. I tried. I did. I set a schedule a couple of years ago and ended up writing two books that weren't on the schedule and let the others fall to the wayside. I wish I could write like that. Actually, no I don't. I don't like deadlines and schedules and stuff. That's why I didn't like working in the real world. I'm too free flow for that. I get antsy when I'm punching a clock.

Okay, moving on to the next topic.

I pulled all of my books from Kindle Unlimited early.

I guess we can go back a couple of months to me grousing about the lack of sales for the last two books to understand why.

The page flip feature that Amazon introduced to ebooks has severely impacted books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Specifically romance for some weird reason.

This is not a reader issue. Please don't think so. This is a systems glitch caused by Amazon. And Amazon is admitting and denying that there is a problem. The problem is, the page flip feature is causing whole books to show as one page read. There's no way to tell how many books were read or how much money was lost. Amazon is adamantly not responding to the issue. But if you can prove that your sales have been affected they will release your books from the program. I could and they did.

I'm sorry to the readers who prefer to borrow books. Again, it's nothing you did. It's Amazon. It's their faulty system. But, it will be a cold day in hell before I put the books back in.

I have, however, lowered the prices on all of my books with hopes that if you like it you'll buy it. And I've put them all back up at All Romance, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

It's been a strange year. It's been a frustrating year. November starts next years earnings. I guess I should start thinking about 2017 but seriously, I'm still trying to crawl out from under 2016.

So...well...that's it for now. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about something else.


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