Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PITCH: Why you should watch this show

I must confess, I didn't know this show even existed until it had already aired two episodes. My husband found it on Hulu and was watching the first episode when I came in after staring at a blank word document for a couple of hours last week. I didn't see the beginning and was hooked. When it was over I went back to my office and closed down for the night and then I asked him to start that episode over so I could catch up. When we hit the point that I walked in on we watched the second episode. The third aired the next night. By that time I had set the show to record. Since then I've rewatched all three episodes twice.

The best I can say as to what this show is like...maybe a PG version of HBO's football show Ballers. 

What I can say is that there is nothing like this show on network television. Which is the kiss of death right there.

Why should you be watching this show?

Well, it's about baseball. I'm not much of a baseball fan now. I was when I was a kid. I played softball and sucked because I couldn't hit slow pitch. I could whack the hell out of a fast pitch baseball. sports and ick. 


Well, yes. Okay... other ick word because girls don't belong in_____!

I think this show is important. It's also entertaining.

It's about a young women who was pulled up from the San Diego Padre's farm team when one of their pitchers was injured. 
She's a novelty. A girl can't hurl as fast as a man. This is true, they don't even pretend otherwise. She's had to adapt by using other pitches. Pitches most players no longer know how to hit because fastball rules...yeah yeah.
It's about a woman in a locker room in a time when locker room talk is all the rage. It's about a woman competing with men in a male dominated sport. It's the give and take of fitting in and standing out and how to deal with everything women have to deal with every day.

It's a show about girl empowerment. It's about sports and it's drama and it's incredible.

It's not about shoving an agenda down anyone's throat. It's about living and being and following a dream. Even if it's not your dream. 

You should watch this show. It's on Fox on Thursday at 9, 8 central. It's on Demand. It's on Hulu. 

And it's got Zack Morris all grown up as the old man catcher with the busted knees and words of wisdom. Mark-Paul Gosselaar grew up and got hot when I wasn't looking.

And it's play off season. 

Do you need any other reason?

Fine acting, excellent story telling, compelling characters...WATCH THIS SHOW even if you don't like baseball. Give it a chance. I'll be glad you did.


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