Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things I don't want to like: Lethal Weapon

I don't want to like this show. I don't want to. I refuse to like this show. It's an abomination. It's evil it's wrong it should be killed...and killed again.

The problem is: I do like this show. 

The movie is one of my all time favorite movies. The movie is Mel Gibson off the chain crazy and you know he just ain't playing. Mel Gibson put the crazy in the role of Martin Riggs and deep down you know it was brilliant and honest and fucking crazy because he knows crazy, he gets crazy, he eats sleeps and breathes crazy. I can watch the first two movies over and over and it's like the first time. 

I was one of those people who emphatically said BULLSHIT! about this reboot. 

I'm not going to eat crow over this.

I do like this show.

It is nothing like the movie. Okay, it takes scenes from the movies and uses them like little nods to great fucking plot devices. But it's nothing like the movies.

I divorced the movie from the show. It's just a show with the same title and two coincidentally named main characters.

So, let's talk about what I hate about the movies, the little niggling things that I could never get past. Keep in mind that I watched the first four but pretend they stopped after number two. Though, I did enjoy Rene Russo's character...just not the movies she was in.... I think the main thing about the franchise is that they went away from the premise that Riggs WAS the lethal weapon. They moved away from his military background and the movies became more of a buddy comedy. I didn't like that. I liked the hard edge of the first two. I don't mind some comedy in my shit blows up movies but I don't like shit blows up in my comedies....I'm a bit twisted.

I didn't like that Riggs' wasn't as explored as he could have been. After the first movie when he broke all kinds of bad, they kind of pulled away from that. We did explore the murder of his was more like meeting the Murtaughs fixed him right up.

I didn't like Gibson's homophobia in the movies. It's subtle but it's there. Anyway, moving on. I did like Danny Glover's cop bordering on retirement/burnout but he was no nonsense and a cop and a family man. 
I didn't like that they sexualized his daughter in a daddy/lolita way. The scene in the first movie with him naked in the tub and her staying behind and splashing in the water...yeah...bothered me. Too much.

So despite the 80s being the 80s...the first two movies were solid action dramas with some comedy. And I can let slide the few things wrong with them.

Now, let's move on to the abomination of a show that if they'd named it anything else and given the lead characters any other damned name in the whole entire universe of names.... I like this show and here's why:


That's it.

I don't like the take on Murtaugh. I don't like that he's kind of a wimpy character. I do however like his wife. And that the kids are background characters and not sexualized. I like that they're kids.

I love the take on Martin Riggs. I love how Clayne Crawford portrays the character. He can't reach Mel Gibson's level of crazy, but I'm not sure anyone can. He holds his own. He's a detective. He's THE detective in this show. The first one to notice what's out of place. The one to push the limits of his co-workers.

I think the episode tonight, Spilt Milk, the fourth episode, solidified how I feel about this show. The exploration of ex-military, which includes Riggs and how he handles being back in the world...this is what was missing in the original movie...Riggs was in 'Nam...but so was Murtaugh...they saw some shit...end of story.

You can see that Riggs saw some shit in the reboot. You can see his demons eating him alive. You can see him dealing with them. Long past the first meeting with the Murtaughs and being saved from himself...or whatever happened to change the character in the movie from wanting to eat his gun to fun loving rascal.

I love that Riggs keeps his head together even while he's falling apart. I love that in this show, it's the job that's saving him...because he can't let his wife down. He has a backstory. He has a family. He lost a child. The Murtaughs have a child that would be roughly the same age as his. How you can see his pain in his eyes.

The rest of's going to have to get better to make me love this show and forget that it's a reboot.

I do love the scenes ripped directly from the's a wink wink nod nod to what made those movies great.

But so help me if Leo Getz shows up...I am done. I will walk.

Oh yeah, and...his hair.

I think I have a hair fetish.

Can I just play with it? I'll give it right back. I promise.

Oh yeah, and before I go, Clayne Crawford is an Alabama boy...with that accent what else could he be.

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  1. I feel the same, it almost that I feel I'm being disloyal to the Mel and Danny version of Riggs and Murtaugh that I have loved so well for so long!
    And I thought I was the only one who noticed Riggs subtle homophobia and Rhiann's sexualization. GMTA
    And as for Clayne Crawford and that accent! I'm a fool for a man with a drawl! Lawsy mercy! Jodi

  2. I've enjoyed the series so far, but that's because of Clayne Crawford. I love the way he portrays Riggs. I even admit to shedding a few tears during some of his scenes. I first noticed Clayne in the Sundance series Rectify. I really like him. :)