Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Four Days of Christmas

Speaking of Christmas. Did you know I have three Christmas stories? I mean, I consider them Christmas stories. In the same way that I consider Die Hard and Lethal Weapon to be Christmas stories.

Did you know that Die Hard is a Christmas story because Lethal Weapon was a Christmas story the year before. My son told me this bit of trivia. He's a movie expert of sorts. He fanboys directors. According to the boy, who isn't a boy. He'll be 23 in May. How in the hell is my only boy about to be 23? But that's another story. The director of Die Hard thought it was cool that Lethal Weapon had a twisted Christmas theme and that it worked....so that's why Die Hard has a twisted Christmas theme. Neither are sentimental Christmas stories but in a way they kind of are... once all the shit blowing up is done.

My top three Christmas movies are White Christmas, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard...and A Year Without a Santa Clause because well the Miser brothers were hot....and seriously something about those Rakin/Bass productions were more than just a little twisted. Whatever happened to twisted Christmas stories. I loved those best of all. Let's just say me and Lifetime do not get along well most days of the year but seriously I think I'm the only female on the planet that would rather walk across a floor of legos than watch a Lifetime Christmas movie. Gag me.

Yet I write romance.

I have never figured this out about myself....oh, wait, most rom coms are written by men. Nailed it in one.

I wrote three books set at Christmas.

Spot the twisted one.

Need You Now

Lagniappe: An Iron Lace Story

In from the Cold

And speaking of twisted.

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