Sunday, December 4, 2016


In the grand scheme of things it's not that big of an announcement but I thought y'all would like to know.

I'll be releasing a new book on Wednesday.

Not Blindsided.

Okay it's not a new story. It has been published. You have probably read it.

I made the decision to removed the second Behind Iron Lace story from the current e-book edition. The print version will not be changed. Lagniappe will remain bundled with Lace in print.

Did you know there was a second Iron Lace story?

A lot of people didn't know. And that's why I decided to do it.

Originally titled Lagniappe because it was something extra because you purchased Lace, probably for the third time. I played with the idea of giving it a different title but figured that would be too confusing...the book previously known as...Lagniappe stuck.

So what is Lagniappe?

It's a 30k word Christmas story featuring Darcy and Caleb. It picks up only a few weeks after Lace ends. I haven't written a blurb yet. If I had a blurb yet, I wouldn't wait until Wednesday. I'd just say surprise.

So if you have this edition of BEHIND IRON LACE, purchased before this weekend. Then you already have Lagniappe.

If you have one of the older covers then you do not have Lagniappe. It's just that simple. No you do not need to purchase this story if you already have it. I fixed some typos that were missed and that's about it.

And now both books have their very own covers.

Oh, yes, and the new cover for Lagniappe is very nice. VERY NICE. Featuring Darcy.

Jay Aheer graciously agreed to create the cover on short notice. And well, it is gorgeous. And hot. Very hot.

Want to see it?

Of course, you do.

Wednesday December 7th.
Merry Christmas or as Caleb would say Bonne Christmeusse 


  1. Stunning. The cover is simply stunning. I'm gonna buy it just for the cover even though I have the bundled e-edition.