Saturday, December 24, 2016

One Day of Christmas: Christmas Eve

Or Happy Anniversary to me. Whatever you wish to call today.

28 years ago on a Saturday much like today at two in the afternoon on the shore of Lake Seminole in the town of Sneads...I got married. I was 19.

Not going to say it's been all sunshine and rainbows. Marriage is work. It hasn't been all gloom and doom either.

I'd say emphatically don't get married on Christmas Eve. Especially if you plan to have children. It's not a bad date to get married. It's a horrible date to celebrate an anniversary if you have a mind to doing anything after five o'clock and without everyone in town vying for a spot at where ever you wish to celebrate. As in going out to dinner is a nightmare. We've done anniversary lunch more often than dinner. And spent the evening wrapping gifts.

There was that one year in which the husband was robbed and pistol whipped the night before and we spent it in the ER.

Mostly it's been fine. He's worked a few of them. Like today. Not many. He traded off today for Monday. We've learned the hard way. It is what it is.

I didn't get around to wrapping gifts the other night. I'll have to do that tonight.
It is what it is.

I think that's life.
I think if you can get through life with it's ups and downs and survive it, then that's something.
It is what it is.

It's not a motto I wanted. It's the motto I have.
It is what it is.
We'll get through this. We'll carry on. It didn't kill us. We're good.
It is what it is.

2016 has not been a kind year for the most part. We've lost family. We're still alive. Money is very tight. We're still alive.
One more year that we didn't call it quits.
It is what it is.

Move forward. Keep moving. Keep going.
I think that's all anyone can ever expect out of life and marriage is no different. If it is meant to be...or should be...then move forward and get through it all.


Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend and a merry joyous holiday of your choice.

See you in the New Year.



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