Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three Days of Christmas

Wrapping night.

But someone has to do it.

I don't mind wrapping presents. I don't. It makes my back hurt from the combination of sitting up straight and leaning over. I can't sit up straight for long periods of time anymore. I was in band and you have to sit up straight in woodwinds. Or at least my band directors always said. I also worked in a sewing factory for a year putting collars on t-shirts. I had to sit up straight with both arms extended.

I can't do that anymore, my back starts burning and my legs start swelling. So yeah, I hate wrapping night. But only because of the physical pain of sitting in one position for the duration.

The good news is I didn't buy a lot of gifts this year. I limited the adult kids to one thing, or group of things that can go in one package. The actual child who lives in my house isn't getting a ton of things like she usually gets.

When I was ten I stopped getting toys altogether. I don't remember what I got for Christmas my tenth year. I can't remember what I got for any Christmas save two. There was that one year my parents weren't trying to kill each other that they actually went shopping together and I got the only doll that was ever new to me. Which I had to rebuy myself from ebay a few years ago because...well, doesn't matter.

I remember my twelfth Christmas was the year I only wanted books. I got fifteen or so teen romances that cost about 2 bucks each. I can't remember anything after that. One year my dad bought me a nice stereo. I can't remember if it was for Christmas. I think it was for my birthday. We never got anything for birthdays after age ten so it had to be for Christmas. I'm sure I'll find that stereo buried in my mother's house one day.

I have Christmas and birthday trauma. Not even going to lie on that one. So anyway, it's wrapping night.

The two girls who live at home are getting mostly books. Books now cost a fortune. I wish the fifteen or so books I just bought had cost only two bucks each instead of ten or more. Yikes!. Real books. Not e-books. Noooo. My middle girl is a book snob. She must have real paper books and they must not be used.

I guess it's good that she reads.

I should wrap each and every book individually and drag it all out...but that's more work for me. I'm kinda spiteful like that...but I'm also lazy. Lazy wins out over messing with people this go round.

The boy and his fiancee are getting one gift. Phase two of all the Marvel movies. It's what he asked for. I don't know. Don't ask me. I raised him, she's just like him. I figure if you find the crazy that understands your crazy stick with that crazy and go be crazy together. Besides, they successfully lived on their own for one solid year and haven't moved back in with me. WIN!

Happy Christmas eve, eve, eve.


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  1. LOL. I hate wrapping presents, too. I always put it off until the last possible moment, even if it only involves putting the present in a gift bag, surrounded by tissue paper.

    Love the photo of the cute young guy and the Christmas presents.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.