Friday, December 23, 2016

Two days of Christmas

We put the tree up late this year. We waited until the first weekend in December instead of putting it up over Thanksgiving.I think a lot of it was just plain laziness this year. It's work. Lots of work. And the other part of it is because we have an 8 month old cat living with us.

If you don't know the story, back in May, on my son's birthday to be exact we were sitting on the back porch. It was a nice day. I saw something strange moving out by the back fence. Something tiny.

It was a kitten. There shouldn't have been a kitten anywhere near my back fence. There's nothing but trees back there. But there it was, a tiny little ball of fluff.

By the time someone got out to the fence, the kitten had scurried back under to the woods.

I sent the kids around. There were three kittens. We managed to catch one. The other two ran into the

There aren't many occupied houses in our section of the subdivision. We're all new out here. So really considering how many animals we've had roaming around I figured the kittens were just more throw aways.

We went around to every neighbor. We searched the woods. We did everything we could to find the other two kittens and their owners. We never found either. 

We weren't wanting a new cat. In fact I'd said not two days before that when the two current cats pass away that I don't ever want another cat. The two current cats are 9 years old...we sort of found them
too. They were throw aways. 

Anyway, Rey, or as I call her Ebil, came to live with us in May. She was tiny. She wasn't afraid of people. She knew what a litter box was for. She didn't escape from the neighbors. She was ours. Whether we wanted a new cat or not.

She's a great cat. She's smart. She loves the dog and the dog loves her. The dog and the older cats do not get along. Dawg adopted little Ebil as his own. 

It's been a weird seven months. She's entertaining and exasperating and growing and there was the
month in which she went into heat and drove the male cat crazy, he's fixed, but still she had him
seriously messed up, flinging herself at him begging to be...well you know...she's fixed now. She still
flings herself at him. She loves to fight. 

The Christmas tree came out about a month after Miss Ebil discovered she could climb trees outside.
The cats are taken out once or twice a day and supervised. They get to run around and eat grass and be free for a while. Only one runs away. She comes back. But know...cats.

The Christmas tree has not hit the floor yet, but it's been stripped of all its glory and its ornaments. 
That poor tree. 
One cat is to blame. 

Anyway the tree comes down Sunday night because Miss Ebil is on a mission to kill the poor thing. I can only hope she doesn't figure out how to climb it. She hasn't yet, but not for a lack of trying.

You will note the first night the tree was up with all of it's little red berries and flocking and the pretty skirt. Let's call those the before pictures.

And after the carnage. The missing berries. The flocking on the floor. The dearth of ornaments.

 All because this creature came to live with us.
And we wouldn't trade her for all the fake trees in the world.

 Not even this one.

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