Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Urgent Request

All Romance ebooks announced today that they are closing, effective December 31. Three nights from now. 

This came as a complete shock to everyone.

Along with this news came the horrible announcement that they would not be paying fourth quarter royalties unless the publisher/author agreed to accept a 10 cent on the dollar settlement and sign a waiver agreeing not to sue them.

I have chosen not to sign that waiver. I will not be paid for any of the books I had for sale through them.

Unfortunately, this doesn't affect just my ARe books, it also includes ibooks as well. I should make this very clear... this is not an iBooks issue. This is for books that ARe hosted to iBooks on my behalf. iBooks is the only site I can not get to directly and needed an approved aggregator. I chose to go with ARe because I trusted them. Stupidly, I guess. And because listing through them was easy and they paid me...sighs.

So, as of right now all of my books are no longer available on the ARe site, but it takes longer for iBooks to de-list the books on a normal basis. I don't know if this will be a normal de-listing. 

I do know that any purchases made from either site for any book hosted through ARe will not be paid to the publisher/author.

I would like to ask you, kindly, not to purchase any of my books through iBooks for the foreseeable future. I may never publish with them again but if I do I'll let you know.

Thank  you for your time,

Mercy Celeste

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