Monday, January 30, 2017

My First Audio Book

Late last fall I announced that I was going to do my first audio book. I least I think I announced it. My life went a bit haywire at that same time. But anyway, I ran an informal poll on Facebook. Incidentally, if you really want to keep up with me you need to friend me on FB. I chose two books from my backlist and asked which one should be first. I didn't want to start with the Scrimmage series because I'm paying for this out of pocket and I really didn't want to start a series and not be able to follow through. The choice was of my last two stand alone novels, both from 2015. Light from the Dark or Out of the Blues. Both books were best sellers. Both books did equally well. I was actually surprised that the near overwhelming choice was for Light from the Dark.

So fast forward a few months and several thousand dollars later... Narrator Derrick McClain and I hit submit on Light from the Dark.

I spent the weekend listening to the audio file. It took all weekend. I wasn't prepared for that. I'm not an audio book person. I tend to tune out the reading and escape into my head. It's not that I wouldn't like to be, it's that my brain doesn't function that way. The file is 12 and a half hours long. Of course, this is my longest book to date. And I must say that Derrick is terrific. He did the various Kit voices perfectly. 

For those interested, Audible or ACX lists a charge of $300 per hour as the accepted rate for audio books. You can choose to royalty share if you wish. I chose not to. I don't want the narrator left holding nothing if the book fails.

I'm nervous. I will admit that. Light from the Dark came out in March of 2015. By the time the audio is finally released by Audible it will be very nearly two years old. It's not my most acclaimed work, but it was very popular for nearly a year. So fingers crossed that this works for everyone who has waited for me to dip my toes into audio. Did I mention I was nervous?

Okay, when?

I don't know. Seriously, this is an Amazon company, we hit submit they do their thing and release it when they are done doing their thing. Derrick says it can take between one and four weeks for them to make it live. 

So, release date will be a surprise for everyone, me included. I will post links everywhere for days and days after I get the email. Here, Facebook, Twitter...well that's about all I have in the social media line-up.

Narrator: Derrick McClain
Cover: Jay Aheer
Author: Moi

Coming Soon

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bootleg Diva t-shirt campagn one last time

Would you like to own your very own Levi Brody Quarterback Princess t-shirt? Or mug... How about a hoodie.

I am pleased to announce the final run of this limited edition design.

If you don't know how Tee Spring works, they host the design and print and ship (anywhere in the world) after a set number of days in a campaign. When the campaign is over and the minimum items sold have been reached the items will print and ship. If the minimum is not reached, in this case 3 items, the orders will be refunded.

There are 11 days left for this campaign. 

I will retire this beautiful design by Jay Aheer after this campaign. So please, if you're interested, now is the last chance.

Many styles, colors, sizes and price ranges. From mug to hoodie.

campaign buy links are below

Quarterback Princess T-shirt Campaign


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cover reveal and news

So, I might have mentioned that I was going to release a book in February and that I'd show you the cover.

Today is cover reveal day for the February book.

But first the news:

This is not Blindsided. 
I might not get to Blindsided this spring after all. I'm going to try to get to it in March. After the March book is finished.
I'm not talking about the March book until February.
I might just write twincest before Blindsided. 
I am playing this all by ear right now.
My ear is telling me to write kinky shit that can't be published on Amazon.
And 'outtake' scenes... I don't have cutting room floor scenes. I very rarely ever delete whole scenes from books. I will delete whole paragraphs but I don't save them for later... usually if I delete it, it wasn't working and it is reworded and not worth saving. However, I do have internal 'conversations' with myself about scenes that I REALLY want to write, vs, scenes that should not be written at all, or won't work in the given story for various reasons.
I always wanted to write what happened in the limo after Jude and Slayer were dropped off, in Offside Chance. I thought about including that scene in the now cancelled Sunday Schooled... just for the what the hell let's see what happens fun of it. I imagine it would not be well received by most people. Because... well... it wouldn't be nice what I think they did...trapped in traffic... for an hour... or more... with tensions running high... and Livy all dressed up and... being Livy.

Did you ever just wonder what it would be like to pair up different couples? I mean, the idea of Levi and Dylan appeals to me in so many ways. And not romantically. But in this Dylan hates his guts and Levi is terrified of him... but... what if... 

Anyway... so, about the February book and what is it and why don't we know anything about it... and why do you tease and shit... 

Because I just made the decision earlier this month to release that book.... by that book I mean THAT book.

Book 3 may never be written. Just so we know. Depends on where this year leads me. And what Rabbit Hole I fall down in the second half of the year.

Writing takes a long damn time, people.

So THAT book is the follow up to In from the Cold.

Yes, I know I said I'd never publish it. But it's mostly written and just sitting there making me hate it every time I scroll past the file. I mean, unlike Sunday Schooled, which is barely even started and should not be finished... because cheating limo scenes will happen... Cold Shadow is mostly finished and has been for six years.

Is it good? I doubt it. It's early work. I might not have the right voice for the last four chapters. It's cheating... yes... It's Agent Drew Walker's story and it's a MMM... not an MF. Never has been an MF.
It will not have a HEA ending. It might have a HFN ending. It might not end well at all. It will not have a cliff hanger ending. There was supposed to be one final book to end this series. I might never write that one final book. You are being forewarned... because... well, the reasons I pulled the story in the first place are still very much in place. Read at own risk...

How's that for selling a book?
I suck at promo. That's more of an anti-promo thing.
I don't really think of the Cold books as romance. And I don't like rules. 
Looking for a sweet peek into Nathan and Quinn's happily ever after.... don't look here.
The title pretty much says as much.
Original title... Cold Shadow of Doubt... Current title:

Cold Shadow
by Mercy Celeste
cover art by Jay Aheer
Around Valentine's Day
maybe... I hope... as close as I can get it.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year...New Goals

I  personally don't believe that the date on the calendar makes much difference in anything. It's a mind set thing. Seasons change... more often outside of the deep south than inside it. We go from green and oppressively hot and humid to not so green and sometimes it's oppressively hot and humid and sometimes it's freezing. We tend to have parka days and flip flop days...sometimes in the same winter. In summer...yeah, summers are gorgeous here, but miserable. That is not a mind set thing. Walk from the house to the car, sweat buckets.It's what we're used to. When the AC breaks it's a disaster of epic proportions.

I do believe that the mind does contribute to the overall outlook of life. 20016 was a bad year. Personally. And with each set back... yeah, it messed me up.

That was last year. 

Fiscally, I turned the page.

I'm hoping to turn the page mentally.

I'm trying people. I'm trying.

I don't make resolutions. 
I resolve to lose weight or this that or the other...ooh fried chicken...yeah, not so much.

I'm not making a resolution.

I'm not going to let last year continue to kick my ass. 

So... new year... new goals. 

Blindsided will come this year. I'm going to do a cover reveal later this month and a pre-order on Amazon for June 1st.

I plan to release two books before that. And I'm not ready to discuss them yet. One will release in February the other in March. Pending editing.

I'll reveal all three covers on my birthday.

I wouldn't talk about them if they weren't at least 75% finished. I have no clue what I'm doing in the second half of the year.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year filled with everything good.

I don't know about you but I would really love some fried chicken right about now.