Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bootleg Diva t-shirt campagn one last time

Would you like to own your very own Levi Brody Quarterback Princess t-shirt? Or mug... How about a hoodie.

I am pleased to announce the final run of this limited edition design.

If you don't know how Tee Spring works, they host the design and print and ship (anywhere in the world) after a set number of days in a campaign. When the campaign is over and the minimum items sold have been reached the items will print and ship. If the minimum is not reached, in this case 3 items, the orders will be refunded.

There are 11 days left for this campaign. 

I will retire this beautiful design by Jay Aheer after this campaign. So please, if you're interested, now is the last chance.

Many styles, colors, sizes and price ranges. From mug to hoodie.

campaign buy links are below

Quarterback Princess T-shirt Campaign


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