Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cover reveal and news

So, I might have mentioned that I was going to release a book in February and that I'd show you the cover.

Today is cover reveal day for the February book.

But first the news:

This is not Blindsided. 
I might not get to Blindsided this spring after all. I'm going to try to get to it in March. After the March book is finished.
I'm not talking about the March book until February.
I might just write twincest before Blindsided. 
I am playing this all by ear right now.
My ear is telling me to write kinky shit that can't be published on Amazon.
And 'outtake' scenes... I don't have cutting room floor scenes. I very rarely ever delete whole scenes from books. I will delete whole paragraphs but I don't save them for later... usually if I delete it, it wasn't working and it is reworded and not worth saving. However, I do have internal 'conversations' with myself about scenes that I REALLY want to write, vs, scenes that should not be written at all, or won't work in the given story for various reasons.
I always wanted to write what happened in the limo after Jude and Slayer were dropped off, in Offside Chance. I thought about including that scene in the now cancelled Sunday Schooled... just for the what the hell let's see what happens fun of it. I imagine it would not be well received by most people. Because... well... it wouldn't be nice what I think they did...trapped in traffic... for an hour... or more... with tensions running high... and Livy all dressed up and... being Livy.

Did you ever just wonder what it would be like to pair up different couples? I mean, the idea of Levi and Dylan appeals to me in so many ways. And not romantically. But in this Dylan hates his guts and Levi is terrified of him... but... what if... 

Anyway... so, about the February book and what is it and why don't we know anything about it... and why do you tease and shit... 

Because I just made the decision earlier this month to release that book.... by that book I mean THAT book.

Book 3 may never be written. Just so we know. Depends on where this year leads me. And what Rabbit Hole I fall down in the second half of the year.

Writing takes a long damn time, people.

So THAT book is the follow up to In from the Cold.

Yes, I know I said I'd never publish it. But it's mostly written and just sitting there making me hate it every time I scroll past the file. I mean, unlike Sunday Schooled, which is barely even started and should not be finished... because cheating limo scenes will happen... Cold Shadow is mostly finished and has been for six years.

Is it good? I doubt it. It's early work. I might not have the right voice for the last four chapters. It's cheating... yes... It's Agent Drew Walker's story and it's a MMM... not an MF. Never has been an MF.
It will not have a HEA ending. It might have a HFN ending. It might not end well at all. It will not have a cliff hanger ending. There was supposed to be one final book to end this series. I might never write that one final book. You are being forewarned... because... well, the reasons I pulled the story in the first place are still very much in place. Read at own risk...

How's that for selling a book?
I suck at promo. That's more of an anti-promo thing.
I don't really think of the Cold books as romance. And I don't like rules. 
Looking for a sweet peek into Nathan and Quinn's happily ever after.... don't look here.
The title pretty much says as much.
Original title... Cold Shadow of Doubt... Current title:

Cold Shadow
by Mercy Celeste
cover art by Jay Aheer
Around Valentine's Day
maybe... I hope... as close as I can get it.

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