Saturday, February 18, 2017

Change of Plans

I've been talking with people on Facebook. That's about the only place I do talk with people. Just sayin'... but we been talking about some stuff and how I always wanted to write an "outtake" scene from Offside Chance. I have that in quotes because it's not an actual outtake. It was never written to begin with. I mean, that book was from Jude and Slayer's POV. They wouldn't have known what happened in the limo after they were dropped off that night after the Super Bowl/retirement party.

I've always had the burning what happened in that limo question blazing in my head. I mean I know what happened. Or would have happened. I just never had a place in which to write it. It didn't fit in OC and didn't further Jude and Will's story. It didn't happened during Sidelined and Last Man Standing isn't even about any of the four in the limo. And Levy wouldn't have included that in his biography because it was private and served no purpose. He didn't speak of much in the current affairs category.

But that limo scene... what if I wrote that limo scene as just that, a scene?

Everyone is getting a Patreon account. Everyone is creating extra content for their Patreon supporters. Out take scenes... ficlets... stuff. I'm not interested in running a Patreon. I do have payhip. I do have the ability to offer extra content without forcing people into a monthly subscription to read it. I could write all kinds of extra content that doesn't fit into a book... and is 99 cents too much to pay for a 10 or 15 thousand word scene? I mean, most short stories are between 15 and 20k words right? It will not be cannon. Cannon means it happened in the book therefore it is real to these people. If they choose never to discuss what happened... it never happened. Right... but it happened just not in the books. And will not be eluded to in Blindsided.

Which brought this incredible scene from the scrapped Sunday Schooled to mind. The night Bo met Livy. For real. And that is cannon. It has been discussed in Sidelined and Offside Chance. So I wrote it. And it was incredible.

I scrapped Sunday Schooled for several reasons... the first one being, that I'm trying to tell a very large encompassing story to include Bo and Dylan's POV during the books in which they aren't part of the main story. I went back to long before Six Ways from Sunday. The first half that is finished ends after Dylan is rescued...immediately after. Sunday Schooled as written is more Bo and Levi's story than Bo and Dylan's. Bo and Dylan's lives are separate. Their POVs are skewed to their lives and their situations. Dylan in the military. And Bo in football. And the men they allow into their lives as place holders for the other.

I scrapped it because I felt like the Bo and Levi story isn't one that has been well received by many fans of the first book. I scrapped it because I'm not finished with the main story. I scrapped it because I'm not sure I can write Dylan's recovery. I need to write his recovery. Writing his death again in greater detail was painful enough..... I am not sure that I will ever finish that story, but I might one day... but I have this beautiful story already written that will never be read. And that night that Bo met Livy for the first time is so good.

What the hell do I do with the first half of Sunday Schooled? I looked at taking just that scene, but you lose so much context. You lose how Levi and Bo became friends. How Bo found his house. Some of the football scenes that drew Bo, Levi, and Will together. So much back story is lost.

And it's cannon. All of it.

I'm not going to write Dylan's recovery. I'm not going to skip it either. I have 55 thousand words that starts they day they meet for the very first time and ends the day Dylan is finally found alive, barely.

So what do I do with it? I need some of it for Blindsided. That's why I wrote it in the first place.
I could post that scene, unedited, out of context, as an outtake scene from a scrapped book. Or I could re title the first half and publish it with a disclaimer.

If I finish the story, it will be as Sunday Schooled and take us to the end of Bo and Dylan's story after Blindsided.

Blindsided has been pushed back until later anyway. Much later.

I'm just brainstorming.

I know there are people who hate the Bo and Levi relationship aspect of the books. That's been made very clear.

I'm not really asking for opinions... mostly just putting out a warning. Because I think that's what I'm going to do. And yeah, it will have the ultimate non-cliff hanging cliff hanger ending ever written.

This is not in place of Blindsided. And it doesn't mean Cold Shadow is not happening. This is something extra. And will be published to Amazon. But that limo scene... yeah, that's just going to be on payhip as an extra extra.

So that we're all on the same page.

Nope I don't have any dates. I'm playing all this by ear.... or making it up as I go along.
Or really, I have no damned clue what I'm doing so just nod and play along.



  1. Do what you need to do. I'm here and happy to be along for the ride. Just let us know where we can buy whatever you write.

  2. Mercy, you know I'm here for whatever you choose to do-or not do. Don't care what or where it ends up!

  3. I will literally read anything you write. I've reread Offside Chance probably 5+ times (it's my favorite, clearly). I'll forever be impatiently waiting for more.. more Jude, more Livy, more Bo.. For now though, I'll keep rereading and maybe look into this payhip thing. Hmm..