Friday, March 31, 2017


ANY GIVEN SUNDAY book 6 in the Southern Scrimmage Series is now available everywhere I can make it available. Click the cover in the right sidebar to view details or click HERE

Cover art is by the so very talented Jay Aheer.

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  1. I bought this because I'm hooked to the scrimmage books, I haven't read yet because I decided to do a mini marathon of the first five books simultaneously. HA! Jude and Levi are my favorites so I think it will be read a few chapter from each book and then I'm 3/4 into Offside Chance, then I go back to Sidelined, and then I started Last Man standing this morning and I'm screaming "Mercy Celeste I need to know the last Chapter!!! I need an update on Levi!!! Jude!!! Tracy, William, but mostly LEVI", please give me hope.