Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Updates!

My apologies for not blogging in a long time. April was a very busy month behind the scenes. Okay it sucked ass. Anyway, there's no personal business sucking my time away now.

So I hope you had a nice Easter. I gave the girls a million bags of candy and some fake eggs to color.

May is here now. It's been quite warm down here on the Gulf Coast for some time now. Summer temps. May seems to have decided we needed rain and thunderstorms to go with our heat.

I keep meaning to start a garden. I want to grow peas, potatoes, and tomatoes. I have the space for it. I don't have the get up and go for it.

I bought an ornamental gardenia. I have nearly killed it.

Plants see me coming and try to hide behind the dumber plants. They smell a plant murderer when they see one.

So... okay I said so already....

Here's what's up.

Cold Shadow is finished. It's in final edits as I type this. I have it available for pre-order on Amazon now. It releases on the 9th.

So... what is it?

It's the long anticipated sequel to In from the Cold.

I'm calling the series The Cold Country Trilogy.

There will be one final book. Eventually.

What it is not.... It's not a sweet continuation of the previous story. The title explains everything. And I still have misgivings about releasing this book. It is the same story I wrote six years ago... all reasons why I pulled it still exist.

So...there's that word again... SO! we're all on the same page.

It's nearly twice as long as Cold 1 at 99,000 words.
You can find it at your participating Amazon.

Okay... now that CS is finished and my life is settling back to something akin to normal I have a few ideas for new material brewing.

I started an 'accidental honeymoon' book last year but stopped writing it because there was one almost exactly like it on Amazon. I didn't want to jump on some weird bandwagon thing so I stopped working on it.

The story never left me. It's about a guy who gets jilted at the alter and his best friend goes on his honeymoon with him where they figure out they have feelings for each other.... yeah yeah, it's a friends to lovers trope... and a GFY.... I do love my GFY friends to lovers stories.

I have an idea for a hot farmboy meets cool librarian story brewing. They don't know each other and they both bat for the same team. It's an opposites attract thing.

I started a story last year before my mother died... well, I started two stories right around the time she died. One is a contemporary Christmas story. The other is a historical western. I plan to get back to those after the honeymoon and farmabrarian stories. I have a couple of years to make up for...........

So... no... I didn't mention a sequel to anything coming up soon. Yes I plan to write the last Scrimmage stories. I plan to write the final Cold book. Next year. Because I can't do another sequel this year. Because I can't bear to make myself bleed anymore this year....

So... I need to stop saying that word.... that's it for now. I'll be around more often now. I have some new things to talk about soon. So stay tuned.



  1. I don't see Two Point Conversion on your list of books? Weren't you also doing a sequel?

  2. Oh NOOOOOO!!! 2018 for the last book in the Scrimmage, why oh why sob waaahhh
    . Sorry. I am way to invested. I love all your books that I have. I mention on each post my marathon reading session, well it actually started with Crazy from the Heat. IVe read that dozen or so times but and a minor character had the violet eyes, Cole, so then I pulled up sideline and off chance and decided to read them simultaneously...and so they wouldn't end to quick yeah, I'm repeating myself, but I had to start Last man Standing, and then I decided I had to tell you Mercy how much I love your books.