Thursday, May 11, 2017

Random Ramblings and FB Musings

Got a strange email from Nook Press a couple of days ago. It was their 'It's Payday' notice. The strange part is, they usually pay at the end of the month, not the beginning. The really strange part... They
don't owe me any money. Especially not that much money. I earned six bucks in March. I earned nothing in January and February. Sooo... huh.

I made a decision to commission wrap covers for three books that I chose not to make wrap covers for. I'm going to do them one at a time. I do have a wrap cover for the new Light from the Dark. I just haven't formatted the book for print a second time. It's been waiting. I'll have that done by the end of the weekend. So I'm taking Light from the Dark off the print pre-order table. Any Given Sunday will be next.

I also decided to recover two books. One soon. The other later. I'm going to re-do Lace to match Lagniappe. I'm going to split the print into two books. I didn't want to do a fourth cover for Lace but if I write a third story in the series I want them all to look a like.

I'm seriously thinking about pulling Shift in Time from publication. I've sold less than five copies in the last 90 days. It's never sold well. Why? Is it that terrible? When other paranormal books flourish mine fail. I would still like to write the second book. If I do I'll rebrand the series with a new cover and go from there.

I'm struggling with new stories. I have too many swirling in my head. I sit down to write and end up messing around on line instead. I sort of accidentally bought a new laptop last night... because I was messing around online instead of writing on my five hundred year old laptop.

And the freakin football boys are tired of being denied. So... fuck them.

I should probably start blogging on my blog instead of FB. No one reads my blog and if they do they comment on FB.... meh.

Don't forget to buy Cold Shadow and while you're there, Any Given Sunday is still fresh, give it a squeeze.


  1. I always read your blog posts (don't always leave comments) because I don't have a Facebook account. I loved Any Given Sunday. I never get tired of reading about Levi. He is such a fascinating character. Love him! I've also bought Cold Shadow. Just need to finish what I'm reading and it is up next. Best of luck with whatever you decide to write. I'm sure it will be great. Your stories always are. :)

  2. I get your blog posts in my email and read them there. I've never made a comment on them although I really do enjoy reading them. I have all your books, and love them all! Got Cold Shadow the day it came out, and have to let you know, you are ripping my heart out with those 3 guys. Am really looking forward to the last book in the series.

  3. I'm new to the blogging. Don't give up, I rather comment here than Facebook. I rarely go Facebook too many ads or discourse. I've read all of the Scrimmage books but Any given Sunday, I bought it but I mentioned that in another post under the cover. However, I feel the need to say, I'm waiting for more on Levi!!!

  4. Had to let you know how much I loved Shift in Time!! I reread the book today and I loved it as much today as I did the first time. Hope you do have the opportunity to do the sequel, you're already an auto buy for me.
    Now, about Cold Shadow OMG! I can see why it took six years to release, and I didn't mean any of the things I said about you when I finished the book. LOL

  5. I love all your books, Mercy! My favorite character, however, is Levi. I hope and wish, you can find the strength to publish Blindsided someday. I wish you all the best.