Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Book Cover Reveal: Match Day

If you follow me on Facebook you already know there will be a brand new Mercy book in July. If you don't follow me on Facebook... well, now you know.

I started writing Match Day last year. I stopped writing Match Day at fifteen thousand words because there were so many books coming out that were just like it in trope.

I called it my accidental honeymoon book. One man gets jilted at the altar but has nonrefundable tickets to use.  Best friend goes on honeymoon with him. They spend the cruise figuring out they have feelings for each other... yeah... that trope. 

Is that really a trope in gay romance? Has gay romance been around long enough for that to be a trope... does it matter... it's a trope.

I wanted to write something light and fluffy then. I stopped writing because there were way too many dudes in tuxes on a beach covers. I didn't want to jump on that bandwagon that I didn't know was a bandwagon until the wagon had left the bandroom.

So I stopped writing it and moved on to other things. I finished Last Man Standing and sort of fell apart after that.

I still wanted to write something light and fluffy and I found this fifteen thousand word file in my abandoned projects file. I still remembered the plot I'd half formed for the story.

I pulled it out, and a month later that fifteen thousand is now over sixty thousand words.

And it's spawned a sequel that is almost twenty thousand words as of last night.

So Match Day spawned Long Way and I'm hoping to pull Long Way in at around the same word count. It's a spin-off sequel with new MCs because there's a character in the end of Match Day that told me he had a story too.

Besides the jilted groom goes on honeymoon with best friend, what is Match Day about?

Well, brand new doctor, Zack Sorensen is about to start his residency. Which is where the title comes from. He plans to get married, get the house, get the family started and all that before he does... except his fiancee doesn't show up. 

Best friend Brian O'Daly is left with her cruise tickets when Zack leaves. He decides to surprise his friend and meets him at the ship.

They drink a lot. They share a bed. They go island hopping. 

They have sex.

There's a couple of twists.

It's cute and fluffy dammit. CUTE AND FLUFFY... said while wielding a chain saw over my head. AHAHAHAHA! 

And it's coming in late July. Or as soon as I get it rewritten and edited.

I can't talk about Long Way yet. It would spoil Match Day. They are related. Really related. really really related related.

But here's the gorgeous cover the gorgeous and talented Jay Aheer did for me.... I asked for a cover that looked like a surf t-shirt. I got exactly what I wanted. It's gorgeous and it fits the story and I might do a whole series of accidental vacation stories just because I need cute and fluffy in my life right now.



  1. Great cover! Love the surf vibe. :) Looking forward to cute and fluffy...lol.