Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cover Reveals and Coming Soons

I shared a gorgeous new cover with you a little while back. It's pink and pretty and looks like an old surf shirt I had. It's for my next brand new book. 

Match Day

About a brand new doctor about to start his residency, hence the title, who is jilted at the altar. His best friend surprises him on his honeymoon cruise. Ten days trapped together in a room with one bed on a ship surrounded by ocean. Where they get to know one another way too well.

The last chapter of Match Day spawned a character I didn't know I'd love. He had a blink and you'll miss him role. But, he got his own book out of that audition. 

Long Way 

A May December story the begins with a funeral of sorts and takes us into the deep woods with blizzards and bears and feelings that should never happen but can't be denied. And that's all I'm
saying on that book right now. 

I finished Match Day and sent it to beta readers and had a brain storming session with Jambrea Jo Jones and Cam Kennedy and jumped right into Long Way and didn't stop. I will finish it in less than a month.

Jay Aheer took my little bit of details when I said make it look like the first cover but in the woods in the cold. And she did. And it's gorgeous.

And then there's a third book. It's not finished. I've been sitting on the cover for nearly a year now. I shared it on Facebook today. It's not something I want to talk about. I would prefer that it not be shared on Goodreads until next year. But... well... here it is.

Release Dates:

Match Day
September 12, 2017

Long Way
October 10, 2017


Fall of 2018