Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Midsummer talking to myself post

Hi, happy 4th, if you're in the states you know that's a holiday, if you're not, it's a Tuesday. But happy day anyway.

Seems like a long time since I rambled on about nothing. This summer has gone by pretty fast. The kid just got out of school and she has one month left. It's rained a lot this summer. We had a tropical storm pound us for nearly a week. Still picking up tree debris from that. Haven't been anywhere. No vacation this year. Maybe Thanksgiving week. I'd like to take one last Disney trip, when it's not Mercy melting hot. I lived in central Florida for a year it's always melting season down there. I'd thought to register for Coastal Magic and kill two birds with one stone. But it's the week after Mardi Gras break so the kid can't miss school so there's no point in going. If Mardi Gras had been one week later. 

Speaking of conferences. I will not be at GRL again this year. If you were wondering. Not sure anyone really cares but there it is. 

So... the question that keeps coming up and I keep ignoring... when is Blindsided coming out?

The thing is... I killed a person in Blindsided. Then my mother died. I am not ready to get back to that story while I'm still dealing with the fallout from her death. I'm too raw to open that vein and bleed story right now.

When will the third Cold Country book come out? One day. Maybe. Five years from now. I don't know. After Blindsided.

So... what am I doing if I'm not writing those books?

I have a new book coming out in probably August. It's too late to plan for July. I haven't sent it to be edited yet. I haven't finished the final draft yet. I haven't started the final draft yet. I finished writing it and decided I wanted to let it sit for a while before I read it... that's right,  I haven't even read it yet. I never read a book while I'm writing the first draft. I read the last Chapter I wrote so that I know where I left off and what I was thinking at the time and I keep going. Technically, I do read the book. I just don't read it straight through until I'm ready to write the second draft, which is usually my final draft before sending to an editor.... and I finished Match Day by introducing a character in the last chapter who decided he had a story to tell so I sent Match Day to beta readers and started writing Long Way on June 15. I should be finished with that one by the 10th. And if I am that is the fastest I've ever written a book. EVER. I wrote Wicked Game for NaNoWriMo in 2010. To date that 63,000 words in 30 days is my fastest book. 

Anyway, I'm sitting just below the 50k word mark in Long Way, in a series that has no name, because it wasn't supposed to be a series. And now I have two characters from the first book talking about how they got shafted and made the bad guys and left behind and... the summer of the accidental series might have a third story with another vacation type theme... it even has a damned title... Fast Getaway. I picture a Sam and Dean motel crawl across the country with that one... After I rewrite Match Day and find out their names, because I forgot their names. 

It's all fluff. I'm just writing fluffy light sex stories with some angst but not gut wrenching angst. Because that's all I can emotionally handle right now.

I'm just trying to stay cool and pay the bills this summer. Not much going on. 

I've read six books in the past two months. Not sure I read that many books last year total. I've watched a lot of television. Went to Florida on business. Ran through the rain to do the basic shopping. Bought a kid a fidget spinner. Celebrated two birthdays. There's one left for the summer. The DH turns old. Then back to school. Then football season. Why am I waiting for football season? Don't know.

So this is me rambling. Hope you have a lovely day no matter where you are. 

I'll ramble at you later. 



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  1. You are waiting for football because football is awesome! And did I mention the toned athletic asses in shiny, tight pants on display often? That's a good reason for anticipation as well! :)