Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Twincest Book! and where to find it

I wrote this on a dare. It lasted four whole days on Amazon before it was removed and the file blocked. As shown below, as compared to a book I personally pulled from publication... screen capped today.

It's important to note that the book was in the number 1 spot on all gay romance charts and in the top 100 all books at the time it was removed. 

All Romance ebooks waited six months to block the book. They waited until it had stopped making money.

Barnes and Noble has not allowed the relisting of it recently. 

I have not tried to place it with any other sites because I'd like to keep my account with them.

So... if you find it anywhere it's a pirate copy. The only legitimate place to purchase this book is through payhip, which is to say payhip is the service I use to host my books and are not a publisher or a book selling site. I pay a fee to them and they route my books. Consider it my personal publisher site.

I offer mobi, epub and pdf formats. Please note that mobi does not always open immediately and will need to be emailed to your kindle device. I can not do that for you, the email must come from the email address attached to your Amazon account sent directly to your kindle's email address... yes your kindle has an email address, you can find it under manage my devices.

the payhip direct buy link is below: 

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  1. Have you thought about using Smashwords? They allow all kinds of erotica.