Saturday, August 5, 2017

Working and Winding Down Summer

I know it's August 5th. I do know this. I know also that there are nearly two months of calendar summer left. I live in the very deep south, it will still be hot for another three to four months before our summer is officially, officially over. Hurricane season ends on December 1, about then. I am not even kidding. It's rare that we get actual fall temps during the fall, anymore. If we do, it's fleeting. Cool one day, sweltering the next.

We keep our 'summer' clothes out year round down here. It's not uncommon to go to the store and see people wearing boots and jackets walking beside someone in shorts and flipflops. Of course, I have one daughter who wears boots year round.

But for this post, the winding down summer part means getting ready to send the youngest back to school. Tuesday, as a matter of fact. As in this coming Tuesday. I can officially say this is the earliest any of my kids have ever started school. It's too early. The past three or so years we started around the 10th or 11th. Not much later, just a few days, but still it's nearly a week of extra summer. The trade off I guess is that she gets several full week long breaks that the older kids never got. The whole week of Thanksgiving, Christmas is more than two weeks, not quite to three weeks, we get a full week for Mardi Gras in February or March (because we do Mardi Gras here, big time) and then Spring Break. I guess it's a decent trade off.

Anyway, what's up with me? Not much. Running people to doctor appointments. Running around looking for school uniforms. Paying bills and running from snakes. It storms nearly every day. But that's summer for ya. We haven't been to the pool to many times this year. We saw two movies, one if really want to be picky, we saw Guardians of the Galaxy a couple of days before school got out in May.

Nope, no vacation this year. Maybe the week of Thanksgiving. I want to go north to see not coastal things. The kids want to go to Disney again. We'll probably go to Disney again if I can swing the admissions.

Otherwise I've been working my tail off to get two books ready to publish. I wrote most of two books this summer. I say most of, I started Match Day last year in the spring and abandoned it about 15k words in because there were too many books like it on Amazon. I finished that one in early June and started it's sequel immediately. I finished Long Way in mid-July. Took me 33 days I think. It's a bit longer than the first book. Not much, just a little. I might write a third book in that series. I'm thinking about one involving a couple of guys from MD. I might go to something completely different when I start back on new words.

Right now I'm in the middle of revising Match Day. I'm about to wrap up my final rewrite and send it to be edited. I can't set a date yet. I'm hoping to have it out by mid-August. I know I said I wouldn't have it ready until September at the earliest... yeah, about that... I kinda want to move on to new words.

I'll probably just fling this one out and then get started on the first read through of Long Way right after.  I'll most likely have that one ready by mid-September. I'll wait until then to decide if there will be a third book. Both books are HEAs with hard endings.

I'm calling the series, Adventure INK.

I still have no blurb. I'll set up the MD and LD official pages soon.

As soon as I get the kid back to school. We're moving up to middle school this year. Oh yay! sighs. Going into band, staying in baton, riding the bus with high schoolers.... JOY! BIG SIGHS! help me

So that's my summer so far. Hope yours has been the stuff of legend.


Covers by the incredibly talented Jay Aheer.

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  1. I really like both book covers. :) It's hot here in Texas too. Yesterday was miserable until a front came through and brought us rain. That helped.