Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 Recap 2018 Possibilities

I bought 46 ebooks this year. According to my Amazon account. 21 were MM. 20 non-MM Mystery/Suspense. 5 children's.

Of those 21 MM, 4 were my own and 5 were books that I owned in PDF previously but lost when my computer died last year. I bought 11 new MM books this past year. I have not read 4 of them. I DNF 2. And I beta read one book. All year long.

Of the 20 non-MM books 4 were for my husband who has only recently decided to start reading on his kindle. All new. All finished. The last 16 were mine. I DNF 2.

I usually do a Ten Books I Loved this year thing. I didn't last year because I was an emotional wreck who stopped functioning. I'm not going to this year either. Because. Well. Because I've only read 21 new books this year. And that's pathetic.

I watched a lot of television and movies this year. 

Lethal Weapon is probably the best thing on. Hands down.

Thor Ragnarok was the best movie I saw in theaters. Wonder Woman coming in a close second. I saw five movies in theaters this year. John Wick 2, Kingsmen 2, and Guardians 2. Loved them all. 

The best movie I saw on bluray that I didn't see in theaters this year. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I've watched it four times. Loved it each time.

Best music... hell, all of it. I've bought more CDs than I did ebooks this year. 

So... really, yeah. Enough about all that. Let's talk about what I accomplished personally.

I stayed sane. Mostly. It's been iffy a few times. I've grieved most of the year and been so incredibly angry the rest of it. I think I'm coming out the other side of it now. For a refresher, my mother died last year. I buried her on November 1st. This past year has been hell. My mother's mother died this past October. I did not grieve for her. Horrible hateful woman.

I wrote two whole books, and two partial books. And published them. I'm about to finish a third book this year. I hope to publish it in January.

I have a sequel in mind for the January book. I hope to write that and publish it in March. No promises. I have three books that I set aside over the past year that I'd like to finish. That includes the final football book. I make no promises.

I'd like to read more in the coming year. I'd like to finally write that pirate book I've been meaning to write for decades. One of my books will be an MM western this next year. One will be a sequel to a series that isn't about the two main characters of that series. A leprechaun sex book. The usual. I do not have the final Cold book on my schedule for this year. I only want to bleed once this year. Blindsided will be the only bleeding book I can handle. It will be my final book of 2018. I know you've waited forever, I do apologize for that. I've been dealing with a fuckton of life.

My final book of 2017 is out now. Long Way. My first book was Any Given Sunday, a more in depth re-telling of Six Ways from Sunday, worked around the existing book. The second was the long anticipated Cold sequel that I published against better judgment. The third my almost fluffy honeymoon trope story Match Day. In case you missed any of them. Look to the right and click the covers, all buy links are there.

To sum up, the first book of 2018 will be Epiphany, A Winter's Tale. The last book of 2018 will be Blindsided. What comes between is a mystery to me.

Covers by Jay Aheer

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  1. I'm a big fan of the Lethal Weapon series, too! Love both book covers...very nice, and the heading at the top of your blog page. Cute! Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays. :)