Wednesday, December 13, 2017


One month and twelve days late. But it is now out there. I hope you enjoy it.

Long Way is a sequel to my summer accidental honeymoon book, Match Day. I loved a character I introduced in the last chapter so much, I thought he needed his own story. 

Long Way is also a May~December story.

I wanted to write a character who is my age. Skip is just a year younger than me. I don't know why he's a year younger, he just is. I wanted to write a book with Gen-X snark and our love of movie quotes and our music as the background. I wanted to write a reunion story, because I was thinking about attending my 30th high school reunion at the time (I didn't). I didn't mean to make it a May~ December, but... I didn't want to write a second best friends to lovers book in the same series. 

Don't know if I handled it correctly. I told the story that the story told me. That word 'told' looks really weird to me.... anywho...

Long Way is out now.


Death waits for no one.

Former Marine Chad Mayes planned to honor his father’s last wishes and lay him to rest in California.

Estranged from his family for so long he wasn’t prepared to return to the life he left or the people he barely remembered. He planned to do his duty and drift away to figure out his place in life.

That was the plan, right up until he laid eyes on his first crush.

Skip Simpson didn’t have time to worry about his son’s life.

An emergency call from his best friend requesting a get together sent him packing north.  He went, never expecting his world to be flipped upside down when the Marine, half his age, walked in the door.

The plan was to scatter his best friend’s ashes. Not end up on a trek through the woods, with his friend’s son.

But what exactly does a free spirit and a lost soul do in the woods? Alone. For days. In one tent… when one is one’s best friend’s son and should be off limits.

Chad and Skip are about to find out.

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