Friday, January 12, 2018

Exploring New Worlds

I opened a Patreon account about six months ago. I managed to get about halfway through the set up before I freaked out and quit. I'm not tech savvy. I'm not. Up until this past summer I had a flip phone. Not because I couldn't have a smart phone. But because I didn't want a smart phone. I just wanted a phone. That's it. Just a phone. I don't like to text message. I didn't want to have Facebook available to me when I left the house. I didn't want a screen. I wanted something that would fit in my pocket and wouldn't bother me all that much.

I was forced to get a smart-ish phone when we changed providers. It would cost more to have the flip phone over the smart phone plan. I don't want the internet in my pocket. I still don't want the internet in my pocket. I grudgingly put FB on my new phone because I can share pictures easily. I tried instagram. I have no idea what to do with Instagram. Or how to look at Instragam. Or use Instagram. So I took it off my phone. And I can't get it on my computers or my Kindle Fire tablet. If you see me on Instagram, just know I've never used it, but there's an account open and I can't see anything... so... yeah, I'm not tech savvy and the older I get the more 'get off my lawn' I get about it. I'm not even 50... yet.

So, I kept seeing all these people talk about their Patreon like it was awesome. I read several blog posts about it and decided, okay, I have no idea what I could do with one, but hey, let's go open this thing up and jump in and see what happens.

I couldn't even get through the set up. I had to open a youtube account. I like to watch music videos and movie trailers on youtube. That's pretty much it. My youngest daughter is singlehandedly responsible for keeping so many youtubers rolling in the dough... and her aspiration in life is to be a youtuber. She's 11. I'm like no. She does not understand why I won't allow her to have a youtube career. My son, who is 23, tries to explain it to her, but, he's just another grown-up who doesn't understand her and why won't people just understand that she's 11 and hasn't had her book published or her art featured in galleries, or gotten famous on youtube before she gets old and there's no time left... We had this conversation last night. She writes My Little Pony fanfiction. She draws My Little Pony Manga style OCs... she speaks this language that she picked up from watching hours of youtube every night. We have to remind her that calling someone a douche is not polite. But the kids on youtube call each other douchebags all the time... what the hell are you watching? She's graduated from the 'unboxing' videos... in which kids and adults sit around opening toys for a living. Usually those blind bag/box toys. She watches a lot of 'gamer' videos. I mean, she watches other people play video games... instead of playing video games herself. She owns an X-box. She has a 50 inch TV in her room with her own blu-ray player. She never watches TV. She never plays her X-box. She watches youtube videos.

I don't allow her to have a computer in her room. She uses the 'family' computer. I say family because it's old and has been in the main part of the house for years. She watches at night where I can see her and anything she watches. But my god, she has to wear headphones because those voices make me want to throat punch people.

Anyway, I have a youtube channel now. In case I want to create video content for my Patreon. I don't even like seeing pictures of myself. How in the hell does anyone expect me to sit in front of a camera and talk about anything? And what would I talk about? What if I picked my nose at the end of a great segment? What do grown people like to see romance writers talk about? I'm not unboxing 'toys' for y'all. That would be interesting. Nope...not happening. I would have to put on real clothes and maybe brush my hair. Too much work.

But really... so I have this Patreon thing. I have no idea what to do with it. I've looked at other people's Patreons. I still have no idea. It's very eclectic. So, whatever fits the individual, would be best, I guess.

I went through all of my WIP files. I looked at everything I have partially finished. Or half ideas that could work. Anything. Stuff. Looking for inspiration. I thought it would be a great idea to combine Six Ways from Sunday with Any Given Sunday and offer that as a reward. I don't mean as a bundle. I wrote Any Given Sunday around Six Ways from Sunday. I cut and pasted Six Ways chapters into AGS for a seamless (almost) story. I say almost, because there are a couple of places that don't merge well, where I overlapped what was written in Six Ways in AGS so there's like this instant replay in a couple of chapters. But except for that, which I won't change to fit, it's seamless, like one long story. I have no plans to commission a cover for it. I have no plans to publish it in this form. It's 91,000 words. You've most likely already read it. But now you're reading it as it should have been written from the beginning. The director's cut, I guess.

I also have files of MMF beginnings. Most of them borderline taboo. I have one step siblings story, MF. I thought I'd share the beginning of the MMF stories and let the subscribers vote on one for me to write in installments for them. I also thought that maybe I could finally write the second twin book and have a place to share it.

So, my Patreon is turning out to be the place where I share the shit that can't be published anywhere else and possibly against their terms of service... well, okey dokey then what else is new?

But anyway, whatever I plan to do, I'm going to try to get it up and running by Monday. I'll post the link. If you're interested you can subscribe.

Or not.

I also have a Zazzle merchandise store now open. I only have two t-shirt designs, currently. I'm planning to commission more designs. Which books would you like to see a design for? Leave a comment. The store link is HERE!

Thanks for hanging around for my ramblings.




  1. I’d like to see the fleur-de-lis on pants if you are looking for something else to put up🤗💫

  2. If or when you start writing Blindsided at some point, I would like to support you through Patreon or something similar, if as Patreon I can read the story the way you write it. I think there are also other interested readers. Either $ 2 per chapter or $ 50 for the entire book in its unedited form. I am very much looking forward to it. Thanks for your ramblings ;)

  3. The cover for Any Given Sunday would be a good t-shirt. Carlene