Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Updating the Updates of the Updates

Day five-ish of this flu thing. I thought I was getting better yesterday. I ate food. Big mistake apparently. I spent some time in my actual office, which is exactly on the other side of the wall from
my bathroom. The problem is I have to walk out of my office, through the dining room (which isn't used as a dining room), through the living room (which is used as the cat's sitting room), into my bedroom, all the way through my bedroom, through my bathroom, to my toilet room (honestly the toilet is in a room by itself, and they didn't put an air conditioning vent in it so if you close the door in summer and have to spend a long amount of time in there, you might die of heat exhaustion and asphyxiation) to the toilet, which is literally two feet away from my desk chair... but I shouldn't complain, at least I get some exercise, even if it is walking to go pee several times a day... but it's not a good thing when you spend five days with an upset stomach.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to talk about today.

I'm on my tiny laptop... it doesn't do much. I can write on it. That's about it.

So anyway, I started a story for NaNo in November. I wrote fifty-one thousand words in that story in November and I won NaNo for the second time ever. Unlike the first time, I did not finish the story in November. Two months later and I still have not finished the story. I've managed to write an additional ten thousand words since November. It's now the last day of January.

I think the story is winding down. I hope so. I'd hoped to have it published by now. I'd hoped to have it published a month ago. It's not the book's fault. It's not taking any longer than I expected. I should wrap the story up around eighty thousand words, which is roughly where I expected it to end back in November when it decided it wasn't a short story. It's me. I spent December getting Long Way ready to publish. Then watched as it failed. And lost the urge to bother. In January, the weather, my stomach, kids, it's cold. Damned cold. Like the weather was making up for two years without an actual winter kind of cold. I can't write when I'm cold. Literally. I have arthritis in my left hand. It does not work well in the cold.

So I've dragged ass for two months managing ten thousand words in sixty-two days to go with the fifty-one thousand I wrote in thirty days... and that's where I am right now. At sixty-one thousand words in a projected eighty thousand word story. But, the words are flowing again. I know where I want to go with the story. I have three books planned to go with it. I guess that is probably the kiss of death because it's a series.

Anyway, Epiphany will be ready by March 1st. I hope.

I won't start the second book, tentatively titled, Slainte. Slainte is a Spring story. The third book is tentatively titled Liberty, which is a Summer story. And the last one is Hallowed, an autumn story, obviously. I'm not sure who the last book will be about. That person is not in Epiphany, but if it's the person I think it is, he is a mention... anyway, that's the plan. I might not get to the other three any time soon. Or I might do what I did with Match Day when I wrote Long Way immediately after finishing.

About those two books. The Adventures INK series. I'd thought to do a third book for that series. That won't be happening. But the two books are all wrapped up. There's nothing left dangling. So... if you don't read series' until they're finished. That one is finished.

Speaking of Long Way, I finalized the print version through Createspace on January 23 and hit the sell button. It has not shown up on Amazon yet. I hate that they no longer have a storefront through Createspace. It took two weeks for Match Day to show up on Amazon. I thought it was the holidays. It seems to be the new normal. Used to be it took a couple of days. Anyway... Long Way will be my last print book, other than Blindsided later in the year. The combination of lack of interest, expense, and hassle made that final decision. My apologies on that.

The top questions are always, no matter how many times I answer them, are when will Blindsided be released... and now when will the third Cold book be released? Blindsided is on my list for this year. I still plan to make it my final 2018 project. I can't promise it will make it out before the end of the year, but it will be finished by the end of the year. Stone Cold (yes that is the title, yes it should be a warning) is not on my writing schedule this year. There were five years between books. And it has a HFN, same as the original. I do plan to finish the trilogy. It was always meant to be three books. I think the one thing I need to stress, Cold is not a romance. It is not a romance. It was never a romance. I know HEA means everything to romance readers. So... take that however you want to. No I don't know how it ends yet. I know it will be on par with the first two books. Book three is Quinn's story. I make no promises as to when.

Other projects: I've been working, slowly, on a MM sequel to my MF Western. Research of the era has slowed me down. And other projects... and deaths in the family. I plan to get that done this year, I hope. In a perfect world you will have read the first book, so there's trying to write a sequel to a massive sweeping historical romance saga in which your fan base will not have read the first book and trying to make it a stand alone, and no I have no plans to not make it a sequel. I like straight romance. I love straight historical romance. I shouldn't have to choose straight or gay. I should be allowed to write both and mix series' together. But that's a rant for another day.

I plan two more books in the Iron Lace series. Neither one will feature Darcy and Caleb as the main characters. They will be spin offs. Bailey and Amber will get their story. Eventually. And the third one will be something similar to Bootleg Diva. Not a sequel, but sort of a prequel, first person, from an unexpected quarter. Bailey and Amber will take me into FF. If that wasn't expected by reading Lagniappe, then I don't know what else to tell you. But that will probably be next year. I'm hoping to get the third story, that I'm not talking about, finished this year. Either that one or the western. Pending time, research, and inclination.

I want to write another stand alone. I haven't done one since Out of the Blues. Of course, Epiphany may end up being a stand alone. Who knows.

I don't have a dry erase board with book titles and dates and deadlines in my office. I know many, MANY, writers who do that. I can't plan what I create. I can't. I've actually tried. I'm not that kind of writer. I don't plot. I don't plan anything. I don't even have names most of the time when I sit in front a fresh blank page. And... I hate planning. I do. I hate feeling like I HAVE to do something. I'm comfortable in chaos. I thrive in chaos. I don't do well in structure.

You can't pin the Will'O the Wisp down, ya'll.

So... what else are we all waiting for? That isn't Blindsided or Cold related?

The possible second Shift book... well, one day, maybe. I still can't even give that book away. I'd love to write the second book, but... I don't have months to spend on a book that has very little interest. And the first one ended with an HEA, so maybe one day Falyn will find his blackberry cobbler, but it's not imperative that I get back to them.

And, Crescent Moon. I didn't leave any threads dangling. I had wanted to revisit that world and expand on it and link it to the world of Shift, which btw, it is linked to. Same world, different cities. And after Moon was released from the publisher interest in the book swelled. I just don't have the time to fit a second book in. And I have no idea who it would be about. I finished Xander and Taylor's story. They would be secondary characters in a sequel. I had some vague ideas of who, but... not sure they will work in the long run.

Going back to Cold for a second. I'm not planning to put the second book into print. In fact I've pulled the first book from Createspace and Amazon, print, not ebook. The ebooks are still there.

After that... I have nothing else to report.

Same as last report, I know that my first new book of the year will be Epiphany. I know that my last new book of the year (hopefully released in this year as well) will be Blindsided. I don't know what will come in the months between. Whatever the muse dictates.

Hope this finds you well, and maybe answers any questions you may have.


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