Sunday, February 11, 2018


It's stormed all weekend. Rain storm. There was thunder last night. Dawg sat on the couch with his ears doing that thing he does when he's confused. What is that noise? I'm like, right there with ya Dude. It's thundering. And lightning. Wow. SPRING IS HERE!. Ugh, stop raining.

I'm sort of worn out on the Olympics. Already. No, wait, they weren't on yet. Hockey was on. Not Olympic hockey. I was bored.

I turned on Netflix. And there it was in the first spot. Cars 3.

I groaned.
I did.
I paged thru all of the new releases. And ended up back at Cars 3.

I don't want to watch an episode of something.
I want to watch a movie.
No I don't want anything to blow up. I know right? I think I might be sick or something. Or guns. Or drama. I... fuck it. The husband is home with the flu. He's more or less passed out on the couch. It's raining. I don't want to clean the house or... well, it's Sunday, and I want to just stop and watch a damn movie.

Both girls took a hard pass. The actual kid in the house backed out making the sign of the cross.

Armie Hammer is in it.

I hit play.

I watched Cars 3 without a kid in sight.

And enjoyed the hell out of it.

I mean, Cars. Okay, it was an okay movie to me. Watchable. The main character grew and became a better person... er carson... whatever, and learned from his mistakes to triumph in the end. It was okay. Good plot. Good message... like every single sports movie ever ending. Underdog or disgraced sports hero grows the hell up and wins the big game.

Cars 2... oh my god what the hell was that? Kill it with fire. Pretend it never existed. Holy fuck... they murdered cars in Cars 2. MURDERED THEM. Is this a kid's movie... Jesus. No.

So, here we are with the third movie. It didn't give me much to go on in the trailers. I haven't read anything about it. I just was not interested. Meh, it's not whatever the hell that second one was. Bond Lightning Bond. Mater Bond... I just... okay, it's Lightning doing what Doc Hudson did. Wrecking out of racing. But he's going to make a triumphant return in the end and beat those young hot bodied rookies because that's how sports stories go. Cars is a sports story. I mean, besides being cars, it's about winning the big race as the metaphor of life. Yay. I am a sucker for sports movies.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this movie. So very pleasantly surprised. It's exactly what I thought it would be, but it wasn't at all. To tell would be spoiling.

I laughed. I cried. Lightning grew up.

It was probably the best of the three movies. And probably the best Pixar movie I've seen... ever.

So, if, like me, you're a grown ass woman and you want to watch a kid's show or you think it's going to suck like the second one did. (If you didn't think the second one sucked... er okay, yeah, you be you). If you're fence sitting about this one. Or if you're just bored out of your mind and want a sweet sports movie with cars as people... then watch this one. It's actually worth the ninety minutes of your time. Oh and grab the tissues. There are both types of tears for this one. Sad and happy.

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  1. Okay you just decided what Darrell and I are doing tonight. It was gonna be him watching stupid ass Alaska shows while I read. This sounds better. Although I do have a Cathy Lamb book I'm in the middles of, hmmm. Have you ever read her? I love her so much! All of her heroines are so very deeply damaged but they usually find a way to triumph. Try her if you haven't! Trust me.