Friday, February 2, 2018

Day 8

Okay, I think I'm kicking this shit now. I was able to eat without running immediately to the bathroom. I haven't had a dizzy spell since Wednesday. My head doesn't feel like it's packed with cotton. I feel almost normal. I'm still really tired.

I've been trying to work on chapter twenty-one of Epiphany for two days. My eyes keep glazing over and I can't stop yawning.

So... why all the blog posts lately?

I left social media. I had to. I couldn't stand it anymore. So, I have this intense need to post on FB about weird shit or my cat and dog, which is usually weird shit. Because they're weird.

I got two bundles of tulips for my birthday Saturday. I love tulips. White ones and purple ones. Ebil (who is really named Rey but I was very right when I named her Ebil when she was a baby) ate all the white ones. I have no idea why just the white ones. But she nommed the hell out of those poor flowers. Yes I am aware that tulips can be toxic to cats. I looked it up after she finished off the third one. It says the bulbs are incredibly toxic, but the leaves and flowers are maybe okay, just don't let them eat them... Ebil is like, try and stop me. This bitch is yummy, and they won't let me go outside to eat grass... because there is no grass right now and you only want to chase birds you little monster, stop lying. But I will catch one, soon. I know it. And there is grass. It's brown and crinkly and I don't like to step on it.... See, you won't even go off the porch because the grass is crinkly, except to chase birds, don't tell me it's because you can't eat grass, what about that expensive cat grass I bought you? Jinx licked it.... Sighs... tell Jinx to stop licking the cat grass.

Dawg interjects Did someone say bacon? I like bacon.

Ebil... DIE DOG! MUAHAHAHAHA run bitch run I shall chase you.

So, I'd like to say this was all made up. I'd like to tell you I don't have conversations with Ebil and Dawg. I'd be lying. Ebil backtalks something fierce. Not even kidding. She even tells me to shut up when she's sleeping and I'm being noisy. She's very adamant.

No I am not on medication.

So... anyway, it's Friday night. I'm exhausted and writing a blog post about Dawg and Ebil and they're both asleep and I've got no one to talk to. I'm pathetic.

I'm going to go finish reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman and think about a post on show and tell for Monday. After the Superbowl.

And in case you were wondering. Go Patriots.



Ebil and Dawg say hi!

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  1. Sorry you've been under the weather. Tulips are my favorite or pink for me. I've been under some kind of cloud, not the flu but maybe as dizzying. Midlife crisis shit. I love Dawg and Ebil posts. I lost my best girl, a dog named Tori about a year and a half ago. I talked to her all day long. My cats are leas chatty, more "bitch please" unless they want petting. Looking forward to Epiphany whenever it's ready.