Friday, February 2, 2018

Fever Dreams and shit

I'm pretty sure I've had this thing for a week now. I get a little better. Then it comes back. It came back. The whole thing body aches, head ache, chills, sweats, stomach upset never stopped, heavy equipment shaking the house.

Okay that last one isn't part of the flu, nor is it going away any time soon. They're building two houses right beside ours, one directly beside, step off our driveway, throw a stick at a backhoe. The other one is directly beside that one behind us. Yay. Fucking assholes tore down my woods and now won't stop pounding the ground... fuckers. They're bringing in red fill clay. Dump trucks make terrible noises. At six in the fucking morning, when you're trying to survive the fucking flu, and sleep.

So... freezing under blankets with the heat on and it's not really even cold, and the pounding starts and you're drifting in and out and suddenly....

That character you didn't understand is now completely explained. And backstoried. And ready for his own book, because we can't even begin to explain him until his book because this book isn't about him... not really, even if he is a major character in this book. But... I needed to know who he is to the main character in this book. And that's all I needed to know to finish this story.

Also, there's three other stories in there trying to tell me to get busy with them. But then they shut up when I wake up so I can't remember what we all discussed.

But anyway, don't know if I should thank the flu or send a thank you note to the builder... but I'm also going to send them a bill for all the headache meds I'm going to need over the next couple of months.

I miss my woods.

The owls had a party in the few trees that were left last night. They were in my yard. It was loud. I think they were discussing an orgy, or at least a three-way. They negotiated for an hour and then it got all WHHHOOOOOie out there. Like singing Hallelujah and the got to the chorus part... not sure what that has to do with anything, but it happened. So... yeah. I'm not actually well.

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