Monday, February 5, 2018

How the world has changed!

I left the house today. I went to Super Target. There's a new house on the corner that wasn't there the last time I left. I went grocery shopping on January 25th. A whole house sprung up since then. Okay it's not a whole house, it's a foundation and framing. But there was just a cleared plot there on the 25th.

It wasn't cold today. It was actually comfortable. After shopping I sat outside with the animals for nearly an hour without freezing. I only needed a cardigan. The little birdies were flitting around. Maybe we'll have spring soon. It's been a long winter. I know it's only February fifth but damn, ya'll it's been cold this year. I'm ready for green grass and air that doesn't burn. And my skin is so dry and I can't slather on enough lotion. And all coconut oil does for me is make my tub so slick I nearly killed myself getting out. I hate to say it, I need some moisture in the air.

I'm about over this flu. I'm still tired. That's about all. I haven't had a dizzy spell in a few days. No lingering issues, other than just being really tired. But it's better. So there is that.

I enjoyed the game yesterday. Yes, my team lost. But it was a great game to watch. I didn't enjoy the half time show... don't care what others think. Compared to Lady Gaga last year, it was lacking. Severely. The commercials were mostly a lot of MEH. I enjoyed the Tide Ads. Maybe I have a thing for Hopper... and Hopper and the Old Spice man on a horse was very nice. But the best commercial hands down was Eli Manning and ODJ having the time of their lives. I think Swayze would be proud.

I haven't written anything in a while. I managed to get a chapter finished while I was sick. I start back to work tomorrow night. I think I'll start talking about the story probably tomorrow. Maybe I can get it finished sometime before the end of the year.

So, in case you haven't seen it. Here's that commercial. Manning needs to learn to dance with his mouth closed. But it was sweet and I loved it.



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