Monday, February 12, 2018

Some Changes

A few weeks ago porn spam started showing up in the comments here. Lots of porn spam. Real porn spam. Lots of real porn spam. Videos. All over the place. I was deleting porn videos from my comments all day long for days.

I tried to stop it with the capcha  thing. But it still showed up. Not as much. But still at least one video every day. Blogger's spam filter didn't catch any of it.

So, I put all comments on moderate. I don't like moderating comments. I prefer to let anyone comment without hindrance. The thing is, now the spam sits in the pending comments section and the real comments sit in the spam bin. And I no longer get email notification of any comments.

So... if you've noticed then that's the reason.

I'm changing up the site somewhat. As much as I can.

All of my books are listed to the right. Just click the cover to go to it's dedicated page. All books are grouped by series or with the book it most resembles.

In the menu line above you'll find a new About and Contact link. It's updated.

I've added my new merchandise store. Coming soon will be the Patreon, maybe.

I don't have a coming soon section. I've never had a coming soon section. I have nothing coming soon.

Moving on to other areas. I haven't been on Facebook or Twitter much at all for nearly a month. It's been interesting. And freeing.

Hence, the reason you've been seeing more blog posts.

Trying to keep my thoughts in one dedicated place.

I've been trying to stick to one topic a day.

I might start posting a few shorter pieces. I miss talking about the antics of Dawg and Ebil.

But this is where I'm going to be for a while.

So, I guess that's it for today.



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