Friday, February 9, 2018

Tough Week

It's been a tough week. The husband finally came down with the flu that kicked my ass. The thing is he's not one of those guys who needs to be babied when he's sick. He doesn't like to be sick. And doesn't like to be messed with when he's sick. But, he's not a quiet person. And when he can't sleep. I can't sleep. He spent two nights vomiting. Guess who didn't sleep? Me.

I don't like to be messed with when I'm sick. I like to be left alone in misery. But I'm considerate when I can't sleep. Of course there is the fact that I'm a light sleeper and he could sleep through the apocalypse and wake up refreshed. Pisses me off. He falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow. Takes me hours and a few sacrifices to the gods to get to sleep... so, I'm over the flu but I haven't slept in more than two weeks.

Makes me cranky. And mean.

The youngest school age kid seems to be getting sick for the first time this school year. She has seasonal allergies so it's hard to tell. Usually she's sick from the day she goes back to school until a couple weeks into summer break with constant sinus issues, and coughing. She hasn't been sniffly or coughing since May of last year. She says that actually breathing and smelling things is strange. So I don't know if she's getting the flu, or if she's warning us that spring is about to hit. It's been a bit warm lately. Up and down which is normal this time of year, but not as up as we usually are by mid-February. The good news either way is that she's out of school the entire next week. It's Mardi Gras. I wish I had the money I'd get the hell out of town, go down to Disney World or something. That would be nice. Not that I'm ready for hot weather. I'd like a prolonged real spring. Nice almost warm days. Low humidity.

I bought a used tiller. I'd like to get a vegetable garden going. I haven't killed any plants in a year. I feel the time to escalate to mass plant murder has come. It's still too rainy to get out and work in the yard. Next week it will be too hot. I can find any number of excuses to not go outside.

I'm working on the taxes. Yay. Ugh. I still have to go through the big ass basket of receipts and look for the things I bought for my 'writing career', so I can write that shit off. Probably the last year I'll get to do that. Then go through everything to make sure I didn't hide something from myself. Then... well, I might accidentally not have to pay anything in this year. I doubt we'll get a refund. It would be nice. I'll be paying the taxes for last year for another three years, so any little bit off that would be helpful.

I spent around ten thousand dollars to fund my 'writing career' last year. I made precious little more than that. I didn't go into the hole. I guess that's about all I can say. Let's just put it like this, compare 2017 to 2016, I made the equivalent of three months of 2016 in the entire year of 2017. And I put out two more books in 2017 than I did in 2016. So... I've done the books. I've received the 1099s. I'm still in the black as a writer. Barely. The only good news that comes with that is that I won't have to pay a fuck ton in taxes this year. I guess that's a plus.

So, we're out of school for a week. It's supposed to rain all week. The kid and the husband are sick-ish. I'm cranky.

Good news, or maybe not. I decided not to release Epiphany. I decided not to finish writing it. Good news to me. Long Way sold about fifteen hundred copies. Match Day sold three thousand in the first month. It's the biggest seller I've had since Out of the Blues. There was no interest in the sequel. In two months it hasn't sold two thousand copies yet. I know, most people would kill for that. Out of the Blues sold fifteen thousand copies in it's first month. It's sold over twenty thousand lifetime. I've released six books since then. And haven't sold ten thousand copies between them. So, Epiphany was to be the first book in a four book series. There seems to be no interest in sequels from me.

Anyway, I've decided to regroup. I've been working on things for Patreon. I will have two Scrimmage Series rewards when I finally get it ready. One of them you've read before. If you've read all of the Scrimmage books that is.

You may not know that I wrote Any Given Sunday AROUND Six Ways from Sunday. AGS starts long before 6Ways, and takes place in the time between 6Ways. I wrote AGS as if 6Ways was part of the story. But I didn't repeat any of 6Ways in the new story. I filled in the gaps up to the day Bo finds out Dylan is alive. The rest of AGS is in 6Ways.... I combined both stories into one long chronological story. Starting when they're seven and ending well, where it ends. That will be the five dollar level.

For the one dollar level I'm going to give you four, one chapter, partially written stories, all MMF, and let the Patrons decide which one I should finish, in monthly installments. And the three dollar level will be something smutty. I wrote an 'outtake' from Offside Chance. It's called Stuck in Traffic. It's from Liv's POV. Strictly Liv. Not Levi. About what happened in that limo after the Super Bowl party after they dropped Jude and Slayer off... it's not canon. It's not clean. At all. And if you don't like your fictional characters touching other fictional characters not their mate... it's not for you. No, it's not canon. Canon means it's officially on record as part of the story. I'm treating this as an actual outtake, even though I don't  delete whole scenes. This is a deleted scene that never was and will never be mentioned again. It's in short, an orgy scene.

I have written a longer not for publication ever, but is canon, story to help me understand a character featured in Bootleg Diva. Levi's cop sugar daddy gets to tell his side of the story. But it's underage sex staring Levi Brody age 13 to 17. I might share that story in parts. If it won't get me banned.

I thought that maybe if this works that I would do the same for the sequel to Two Point Conversion. I never wrote that one, 2nd and Goal, because there is nowhere to place the book after I write it.

I hope to be able to afford to fund a writing career again. I'm hoping to be able to pay for more books to go to Audible. I'm hoping to pay for editors and cover art for 'real' books. But mostly, I have so much that can never be published in one way or another that I could share.

Anyway, that's what I'm working on. I had a hard dose of reality this week. Had to make a decision. This is the decision I chose to stave off the bigger harder decision.

God, I've contemplated buying makeup so I don't look like a big fat white whale and doing... videos. Gulp.

Well, okay, good talk. Or not.

Talk again laters.



  1. Mercy, I sympathize with you on the taxes... really hate having to make sacrifices because life happens... I am an avid fan of your Southern Scrimmage series and several other of your works... but mainly Scrimmage... Please finish it... please write it... I hope nothing gets banned... Bo and Dylan, Tracy and Levi/Liv, Jude and Slayer and Raf/ Damien are so real to me... they are a breath of fresh air when the HEA shit that others write is not based in what can really happen... Basically, your work rocks and is awesome and I hope you keep writing for a long time!