Sunday, March 18, 2018

About Blindsided one more time

I think I've had fifteen questions just today asking when Blindsided is coming.

I've written blog posts and updates and facebook posts and everything I could to let you know when.
I have it on my late 2018 schedule.

If you read the first chapter excerpt at the end of Diva you know that Levi will lose his mother. I killed her. She was already lost to them but she is now officially dead. Blindsided is about loss. It always has been.

I started writing Blindsided in late 2015 and put it aside because I had too much story to tell. I wrote Bootleg Diva and Last Man Standing to fill in the back story that I was not going to be able to fit into the final book.

I had planned to finish the story after Last Man Standing came out in 2016. By the way, if you haven't read that book, you will be lost when Blindsided comes out. Sully is incredibly important to the final story. He is not just a miscellaneous character, and neither is Rafa.

My mother passed away shortly after I published Last Man Standing.
I am still, fifteen months later, struggling with her death, her estate, the family drama that is killing me. I'd love to say that yes, I've grieved. I haven't. I'm still so bitterly angry about so much that grief is not ever going to be possible.

I have not been in a good headspace to write a book about a man who lost his neglectful, alcoholic, victim of his father's abuse--mother. When every part of that character is me dealing with my own neglectful, abusive mother issues.

I'm hoping to finish Epiphany soon. It's not something most of you will buy. Or like. Or care about. Just something I wanted to write. I'd like to write something happy and light and fluffy before I tackle Blindsided. But the last attempt at happy, light, and fluffy was not welcome.

So, really, there was little interest in Bootleg Diva, less interest in Last Man Standing, and no interest at all in Any Given Sunday... is this passive aggressive? Sort of. I do apologize. But I have not been in a hurry to make myself bleed for that story when the last three books in the series combined haven't even sold five thousand copies. Offside Chance has sold twenty-four thousand copies by itself, Six Ways more than that, and Sidelined might one day cross the twenty thousand mark.

So, for the roughly sixteen hundred of you who have read each of the final three books. I'm hoping by the end of the year. If not published by then, at least finished.

Thanks for hanging in there. Sorry for the curtness.



  1. Dear Mercy, I appreciate you and every one of your books. It's good to hear from you. And you are not alone with your worries and feelings. Sometimes it has something liberating and cleansing, to write these things from your soul. And there are others who struggle with similar thoughts and feelings. I'm thinking of you. All the best for you and a lot of strength.

  2. I lost my mother seven years ago & still am not finished grieving. Hang in there and know you are not alone. I love all your books but Southern Scimmage is my favorite collection over all my favorite authors to follow.

  3. I'm sorry about your mom. I lost my mom 5 years ago and even though her death wasn't sudden, I still felt like an orphan. Up until she passed, there was still the opportunity to say things and do things. Even though she really wasn't able to at the end, the potential was still there. I grieved that almost as much as I did her.

    I love your books. Even if they make me uncomfortable. As for no one liking it when you write something happy, light and fluffy, I say fuck 'em. Not everything has to be torture.

  4. I am sorry about your mother and thanks for the update. I just wanted to add that maybe there are others like me who are waiting for the series to be finished before reading some of the books after iffside chance. This is one of my favorite series, but if the story is open ended, people might want to wait it out till all the books are out.