Thursday, April 12, 2018

Change of Plans. or SNAFU

So, remember the book I started for NaNoWriMo? The one I planned to publish in early January. Then February... then March... meh, haven't finished it in mid April. Dragging out forever and ever and EVER! That book?

I have to regretfully say that it kicked my ass and it still isn't finished. It's sitting at around 80,000 words. And you just don't throw away a 75% finished book. But, it seriously kicked my ass and it's given me fits and I just want to throw it away and pretend it never happened.


It's not a bad story. It might even be a great story. I don't know. I can't judge my own work. I hate most all of it. (Little secret, most writer's do)!

The problem is, this story is nothing like anything I've ever written. And I'm world building for a planned four book series. Yes, I know. Me and the series... always a fiasco waiting to happen. And seriously this is completely... not a romance. And there's no sex to speak of. And book two will be all sex. And... it's set a Christmas. Okay it starts in November and goes through January 6th, hence the title, Epiphany. It's sort of a Christmas story. And even if I get those last twenty thousand words finished this month I won't have this story ready to publish until closer to July. So....

I'm setting Epiphany aside for a while. I'm going to publish it in November, with all the other million plus Christmas books. And maybe I'll have book two ready to go in March to coincide with it's planned holiday. Christmas, St. Pat's, Independence, and Halloween. The four seasons series. Or something extra corny. Epiphany, Slainte, Liberty, and Hallowed. I did not plan to end up with a series when I started this book. I didn't plan to world build. I didn't plan to set up a multi character story arch. That shit just happened.

So... what's up next from me?
Fuck if I know. Not Blindsided. I still plan to start writing that in the last half of the year.

I think I want to do a series of shorts stories. Not connected series as in A series. Just a bunch of short stories in a row. Or something. I have short story issues. My first chapters are usually the length of other people's novels.... so.


Not good news. But... maybe not bad news either.

I'll keep you updated.

I live in the deep south and have seen snow the sum total of... counts fingers... does that one time sitting at McDonalds where it snowed for five minutes and stopped count? er... less than ten times. And I write a ton of books set in winter. I rarely do summer stories. So... let's do summer stories. Watch it blizzard at the beach in July in one of them.

Because what's a Mercy book without a freak snowstorm. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I DO THAT! Didn't realize I did until it was pointed out to me.

So... well... yeah... sighs.



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