Thursday, May 3, 2018

Courting Sin

I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Okay, so, no I don't live on the beach. I live in Mobile, which is a city not far from the coast. But I am still a coastal person. We have summer pretty much nine months out of a year. Sometimes, like this past year it's a bit less. Not much less. I mean, our spring is warmer than a lot of northern summers, so yeah, it's warm here nine months, and hot for six of those months, and fucking hot for three to four of those months. Yet strangely I write a lot of books set during the winter. I have no idea why. I even write stories about snow, when I've never seen real snow IN MY LIFE!

I have only written one book about anything dealing with the beach. I live about an hour drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I never write about coastal living of any kind.

I look at all of my books and can only find one that takes place entirely in the summer. Sidelined. I have a few set in the spring and a few set in the fall, but mostly, they're all winter. Maybe it's because I do most of my writing in the colder months because the kid is in school and I don't have a lot of distractions. Or maybe it's because it so rarely ever gets really cold here that it's pure fantasy for me. I don't know.

I start books set in the summer. I have about three that I never took past the first chapter.

Until Courting Sin.

Okay, technically, Courting Sin is set in May, but you know, that's a summer month here. It's usually hot already. We're getting there, mid 80s all week this week. Starting to get warm. Not quite to summer temps yet, but starting to get there... uh, yeah, about that-- summer around these parts is mid 90s and above. As Robin Williams said in Good Morning, Vietnam... "It's hot, damn, hot. Hollandaise in my shorts and you can cook things in it." or something there abouts. It gets damn hot. And humid and it's so fucking wet outside you're soaked to the skin the moment you step outside, and lord help you if you don't have a working AC unit in your car or house or... just build us AC suits to walk around in. That would be awesome!

So, Courting Sin was supposed to be a short, sexy, beach volleyball story. It didn't stay short. It did stay sexy. I'm containing it to under 50k words so... shortish. Right now I'm at 37k and starting to wind it down. Almost done with it. The problem is I am hand writing it, in a notebook, by hand with a pencil, did I mention by hand?

So, yeah, I'm going to pull this puppy into the first draft station in under a month. But--I still have to type it. I'm going to attempt to use the Dragon software that I have again, I might even record the fun I have with that. Did I ever mention that I have a slight accent? No? Well, I have a slight accent. Dragon does not speak Floridian. And it does not like cussing. I like to cuss. It is what it is.

And since I jumped too quickly with Epiphany, I have not commissioned cover art yet. I'll do that when I finish the first draft. Second draft will be the typed product. I'll rewrite as I go. Then off to beta readers. I might do alpha readers with this one, as I type the chapters. So far no one has read any of it. So I don't know if it's any good. Attempting to keep the angst and twists to a minimal to avoid length... so, maybe, mid-June-ish. I had intended it to be cheap on KU. I'll rethink that pending length.

So... what's it about?

It's a fuck buddy to lover story. Two beach volleyball partners with off court benefits figure out there's more than just sex and volleyball. Short, not sweet, and to the point. Again, mid-June-ish. I'll set a date after I get a second draft. Again, that's pending editing which takes as long as it takes.

Again, about Epiphany, I'm going to release it on November 1, 2018. I swear.

No, I don't know when I'm going to finish Blindsided. I might start it next. I might go on the mad search for that missing car manuscript and see if it's worth salvaging. I think it's somewhere in a box in my closet. It has that lovely Dan Skinner cover and everything.

Also, news about Southern Scrimmage, my previously released MMF football book will be repackaged as a SS book, and Bullet will be tied in to the upcoming football season. I mean, he already is tied in, just not in name yet. He was mentioned in LMS as a new old man receiver. I think. I'll have to re-read LMS soon. I really don't want to re-read those books.

Also news, the Southern Scrimmage new covers will be the last books I put into print. I just can not afford to pay for wrap covers anymore. My apologies.

Further news, once I have all of the Southern Scrimmage books re-issued I plan to attempt to release them in Audio. If there are any audio narrators who can do a really good southern voice, and will do royalty split, give me a holler, we'll talk.



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  1. I would definitely buy the audio version of Southern Scrimmage. I hope you find someone to do it. Carlene