Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mid May Catch Up

How is it already the middle of May?
This year has flown by, while seemingly dragging along at a snail's pace.

So... okay, I've been busy. School gets out Thursday after next. We have the usual year end stuff. Final tests. Parties. She's going to have her birthday party a month early so her school friends can come. Baton recital. No graduation stuff this year. Two more years for that. Then another in six years.

I can say this, at least I'm not doing this all times three like I did with the older kids. I had one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary one year, spread out all over this city. All with extra curricular stuff that kept me hopping and broke in May. Thank the god of early menopause that I just have one now.

But, y'all don't care about all that. It's the writing stuff you're here for.

So, let's get to it shall we.

I finished the first draft of Courting Sin on May 6th. I wrote it by hand in pencil, so I'm now working on typing the first draft, and rewriting as I go. I should have the second draft finished in a week or two. I have seen the cover art for the book, and it's gorgeous. I have no plans to put this book out in paperback. It wasn't supposed to be a long story. I suspect it will end up around fifty-five thousand words. A mid range novel. Or what we call a category length in the biz.

So... what's it about?

Beach Volleyball anyone?

It's a fuck buddies to lovers story. Lots of sex. Took a twist into angstville that I'm still not happy about and will probably figure out how to get rid of. But then I'd have no last half of the book. And it's too much like a cross between Out of the Blues and Sidelined. Anyway... I can't set a publication date yet. By July.

And... it will be available in June through my Patreon as an ARC.

Speaking of Patreon.

Right now I have it turned off. I couldn't offer content for April and May so, I put it on pause. I plan to turn it back on on June 1st. I will have several levels to choose from this time. Three levels will have physical items that will need to be mailed out. I plan to offer signed copies of the new edition of Offside Chance in two levels, one for just the book, before it's available to buy, and one for the book and swag. If you choose those levels you get everything below those levels. The ARC and the ARC swag level. Okay if you choose the print/swag level you only get one print book. With a limit of the two separate swag options of the three. Also print and swag options will have a cap. Probably ten in each section. And unfortunately I can't ship books outside the US due to the massive expense of it. Oh, and part two of Stuck in Traffic. Sorry for the delay of that. Got busy.

Also, upcoming.

Last Man Standing is being repackaged next month. I have a gorgeous new cover for it. I'll have print books available through Patreon in July. with matching swag.

And finally, I'm working on the follow up to Two Point Conversion now. I plan to release it one chapter a month on Patreon. I have the first chapter mostly finished. It will not be edited. And I doubt it will ever be published, so that will be the only way you'll find it. I need to go back and read the first one before I get too much farther into this one. I'd always planned to take them through college in this one. So... anyway... yeah, Patreon, it's sort of where I'm heading as I figure shit out.

Courting Sin will publish on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes&Noble sometime around July 1st. And Last Man Standing second edition around that same time.

What's coming up after Courting Sin?

Epiphany will finally release around November 1st. And I plan to repackage Sidelined for August. I'm still sitting the fence about Six Ways from Sunday. I'm emotionally attached to that cover. But... it doesn't correctly depict Dylan, so... dunno.

I guess I'll start my read through of all the Scrimmage books this summer so I can get Blindsided finished by the end of the year. I make no promises. It's nearly June. That book is going to take me at least two months to get through the first draft. So... no promises.

Next thing I'm writing will be tentatively title Country Grammar. So... yeah. Gotta figure that story out. Hoping for a mid range novel like Courting Sin. I need to stop it with the C titles, soon it will be like the S titles. Way too many.

Cover reveals for Courting Sin and Last Man Standing coming soon.



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