Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I'm moving

Hey everyone who still follow me on this blog. I am in the process of moving everything over to the expensive website blog.

I'm changing a lot of things. Blog location. New blog name. New branding. New covers. New style. Same whiny me. Sighs... can't teach and old manatee new tricks. Hey, I'm from Florida, it's my spirit animal.

So, while I'm here and talking. You'll notice cover refreshes for both Iron Lace books. A new cover and title for the old Epiphany, Into the Gloaming. Crazy from the Heat, Courting Sin, and Wicked Game were recently updated as well.

I'm going to re-do the entire Scrimmage Series over the next couple of months. Bootleg Diva cover will be changing before Come Monday is released on July 21st.

Let it Go will be the next cover after that. And I'm going to try to get it back out in print and see about making it my second audible book.

I need help to be able to afford to expand and rebrand tho. If you'd like to help me keep going in self publishing please buy my books, payhip, would be the best place. Anywhere I sell them is absolutely fine. If Kindle Unlimited is an option, then KU the heck out of them. And there are 14 titles in Kindle Unlimited right now. KU them first, if you haven't, page through, then buy... works fine for me.

Or, if you have everything I've written and would like to help me out, I have a Ko-fi account. Ko-fi is for helping creators create. So... buy me a coffee, as they say. You can find the links for all of my books to the right, just click on the cover. And here for my Ko-fi.

Follow me at my new blog at

And thanks for everything.