Friday, July 20, 2018

Mercy Made: Wrap bracelet TWO

I call this one The Livy.

Black and gold with a Fleur de Lis charm. No footballs in sight but so very Saintlike.

Memory wire wrap bracelet fits most wrists.

$17.00 includes shipping to US addresses.

Mercy Made: Wrap Bracelet ONE

Two styles. One name.

The Aubrey. 
Because my daughter designed these bracelets.

The Aubrey 1 has clunky beads with a seashell charm. 

And the Aubrey 2 has smaller beads in the same color theme with a starfish charm.

The bracelets are memory wire wrap bracelets. They twine around your wrist. It wraps two full times around Aubrey's five inch wrist and almost twice around my eight inch wrist.

$17 includes shipping to US addresses. Buy button has a drop down box to choose your favorite.

The Aubrey

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mercy Made 5: Scrimmage slide charm bangle sets

Starting off the Scrimmage Series bracelet series with three  options.

A basic hand stamped charms memory wire slide bangle bracelet. Fits small and larger wrists. Adjustable.

All bracelets are hand made by me, to order. Free shipping to US addresses. Buy one, buy all four. Will ship together.

The first option is the basic four charm set featuring Levi and Tracy. (I'll have all Scrimmage couples available in this option at the bottom).
$10.00 through this buy button.

And the deluxe Levi and Tracy six charm bracelet.
Please choose this buy button for the deluxe set.



And the last option is the basic bangle with the other three couples.  There will be a drop down for couple choices. Choose one or all three. 


SO. I did a thing. Long Post

In one week Courting Sin will be out for one solid month. Which means it's been out for three weeks. Just three weeks. That's all. Not counting the three weeks prior for pre-sales. I've talked it up. Shared it to groups. Done all I can other than submit it for reviews or do a blog hop... scheduling a spur of the moment blog hop is not really possible. So I don't. I never have. Never. As in I've written as Mercy Celeste since January, 2011 and I've never done any of that to promote a book. Not bragging. I just really don't know who or where the blogs are. I've never had a publicist or promotions team even when I was with a publisher. At best the publishers sent my books out for review and some places even reviewed them. Not many. At worst, I was left to my own devices and somehow bumbled my way to doing okay.

Write a decent enough book, that engages people, get some word of mouth going... sell a few books. Next book does a little better and so on and so forth.

Frankly, I don't know how to promote. I am not confident enough to send out my own stuff for review. Hell, I'd rather no one ever reviewed anything I write. I don't take praise well, and I take criticism as the gospel truth. And really, my experience with review blogs and sites have not been positive. They don't like my books for the most part. I don't want just the sites that give me five stars to be the only sites I go to... yeah, I know, that is insane. I don't want to give my books to a site that I know will not review me favorably, and might even tear me to shreds. It's happened. More than I care to know about. Nor do I like the sites that loved everything I did. Sighs.

Anyway, this morning I did something I shouldn't have done.
I did an in depth book keeping review of the last three years of published titles.


I can say now, even though Courting Sin is still in the top 50 gay fiction on Amazon, that it is the latest in a long list of failures. Less than ten thousand page reads a day now. No actual sales. And sinking rapidly. I put it in the Kindle Unlimited program after a week when it fell out of the top two hundred. I guess number 16 is the best it will do, however briefly it stayed there.

One month, and... it's time to move on.

The trouble is, it's not just one failed book. It's eight. In a row.

Failure by Mercy Celeste standards.

So... I went back and did some comparisons.
I've released 9 new books in the last 3 years. I re-released 4 previously published books in 2015. And one new book that was included in one of the re-releases and then 'unbundled' due to a violation notice from Amazon. Two of those re-releases were straight romance originally published with Ellora's Cave that I do not count in this. Just the male male books.

I released two new books in 2015

Out of the Blues and Light from the Dark

Light from the Dark released on March 6. It sold 9533 copies that month alone. No KU page reads. As of June 30, 2018,  Dark has 22,221 total copies paid, including KU page reads.

Out of the Blues released on November 10. It sold 8871 copies with no KU page reads that first month. Total copies sold as of June 30 is 22,547.

I self published Behind Iron Lace, after a stint with two publishers, on July 2nd. Lace will forever have an asterisk in its copies sold column due to the lack of payment from the original publisher. At the end of June 2015 I had been paid for 11,237 copies from the two previous publishers combined. I will never know how many copies it sold with the original publisher. Despite all that, Lace sold 4350 copies in the first month of self published release. And has a total of 26,368* paid including KU page reads as of June 30, 2018.

Lagniappe, the sequel to Lace was included in the first self pub edition of Behind Iron Lace and has a default sales total of 14,521 copies sold until it was published separately in the current edition. That edition has sold 1095 copies alone, as of June 30, 2018. I do not consider it a failure.

The second re-release is Under a Crescent Moon. Self published date September 29, 2015. For the purpose of this title I'm counting the two day sales total from that month with October. Moon sold 2,978 copies with the original publisher in two years. It sold 2,897 copies in the first month of re-release. It has sold 10,542 copies total as of June 30, 2018.

I released two new books in 2016, both Southern Scrimmage Series titles.

Bootleg Diva: Confessions of a Quarterback Princess by Levi Brody released on June 6, 2016.
Diva is officially a companion story to the series. It is Levi Brody's back story written in a memoir/diary style. Diva sold 1662 copies the first month of release. Includes KU page reads. As of June 30, 2018, two year anniversary month, it has sold a total of 3,507 copies.

Last Man Standing. The official fourth couple in the Scrimmage Series, non-companion book. Released on July 28, 2016. Including pre-orders LMS sold 1828 copies in the first month. As of June 30, 2018 LMS has sold 4,283 copies including KU page reads.

2017: I published four new books.

Any Given Sunday March 30, 2017. A companion story. Tells Bo and Dylan's story in greater detail. First month sales are for April, including the two days of March, were 1828. As of June 30, 2018 AGS has sold 1,965 copies. Including KU page reads.

Cold Shadow. April 22, 2017. The sequel to In from the Cold. First month sales, including pre-sales but not KU page reads was, 1,605. As of June 30, 2018 Cold 2 has sold 2,639 copies. Including KU page reads.

Match Day. August 15, 2017. First month sales were 3,252. Not including KU page reads. As of June 30, 2018 MD has sold 7,436 copies total. Including two months of KU page reads.

Long Way. December 12, 2017. The sequel to Match Day. First month sales were 1,126, does not include KU page reads. As of June 30, 2018, total sales, including two months of KU page reads, were 2,732.

Before I continue, let me state that I figure KU page reads by taking the number of page reads paid per book each month and dividing it by the KNEP pages assigned to the book to get a total. I round up or down to the closest whole number.


I published Courting Sin on June 26, 2018. Pre-sale began on June 6th. Total first month sales, 845. I enrolled Sin in KU on July 4th. So far the total sales and page reads for this month, the second month, total 720 KU units and 352 paid units. There are 12 days left in the month. If the current sales trend continues I project another 500 KU units. Sin might outsell both Long Way and Cold Shadow in two months time.

As I said, all of the books from the past two years have failed, based on previous book sales.

I looked at first month and one year for older books when comparing numbers. The only books that have performed worse are three of my four straight romances and the one banned book.

But the true comparison are previous books in the series.

Both Match Day and Long Way are from the Adventures INK series and were released within a few months of each other. MD was a mild success. LW hasn't sold even a third of MDs totals.

But compare Cold Shadow to In from the Cold.

In from the Cold was my fourth published book. It came out less than a month after Behind Iron Lace and Wicked Game, both of which were best sellers, both of which sold in the top one hundred ALL books on Amazon. Pre-KU days. While Cold never did half as well as Lace, it was a modest success for a new author.

In from the Cold published 11-11-11 two weeks after Behind Iron Lace. Sold 353 copies the first month. 3,801 copies in the first year. As of June 30, 2018 it has sold 15,583 and is my eleventh  biggest selling books to date.

The biggest surprise are how badly the three Scrimmage books sold. In comparison with the first three books in the series.

Six Ways from Sunday published April 12, 2013. It sold 3030 copies in the first month. 11,852 copies in the first year. And as of June 30, 2018 it has sold 24,303 copies. Including KU page reads. It is my third biggest seller of all time.

Sidelined. Published July 20, 2013. Sold 2365 copies in the first month. 8,287 copies in the first year. Pre-KU. And as of June 30, 2018 it has sold 16,842 copies. Making it my tenth biggest seller.

Offside Chance. Published January 14, 2014. Sold 4,495 copies the first month. Pre-KU. 10,948 copies the first year. Still Pre-KU. And as of June 30, 2018 it has sold 17,168 copies. Including KU page reads.

The last three books in the series have not sold, in the two years they've been out, combined, as many copies, with KU page reads, as Offside Chance sold in one year by itself, long before KU was even a thing.

Only one book in two years has crossed the five thousand copies mark. Just one.

SO... I have to ask...

What happened?

I've wanted to blame Amazon with their creative book keeping and one page read mess. But other authors don't seem to have that problem.

You ask me time after time, day after day, when this book or that book will come out.

From my end, I haven't sold enough books in the past two years to write a sequel to anything. I wrote five sequels that, as far as I can tell, were ignored. But hundreds of people ask me when Blindsided is coming? So I have to ask... if 16,000 plus people read the first three books, and only 4,000 people read the one direct sequel... what are the other 12,000 of you waiting for? And while I'm on the subject, those two companion books covered a lot of the back story that will show up in Blindsided. If all 16k of you who read Sidelined are coming back to see Levi's story end... y'all will be lost.

But the biggest question I have is this... if you're waiting for the series to end to buy the books... any author, not just me... how do you expect the author to afford to write the final book? The only reason I broke even on Any Given Sunday was because the main editor did it for free. And since most of the sales it did make were KU page reads and the couple of times I ran a 99 cents sale... that's all I made on that book, enough to cover expenses.

Or did you just stop reading me? Because whatever reason. My presence on social media? You just don't like my style? You're only waiting for this book or that book? Or I just didn't promote it where you could see it? Or Out of the Blues sucked so much you just couldn't ever again? Because... right now... I'm honestly at a complete loss. It's Amazon fuckery, or it's me. Either way... ????

Either way, you have spoken with your wallet, and now I have to make decisions based on mine... I haven't made enough money on six of the last seven books (not counting Courting Sin) to continue to self publish. I will not ever go with another publisher... so this is it... every book I have but one is available on Kindle Unlimited, you don't have to spend a penny to support me if you love my books. And that's about all I can say. I have to pay to play this game... and as of now, I can't do that any more.

I wish you peace,

Mercy Out

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mercy Made 4. Copper stack bangle

8 inch raw copper hand made hammered copper stack bangle bracelet. Adjustable.

I love the look of raw copper. Made from 10 gauge copper wire. Completely adjustable. Aubrey has a five inch wrist and it fits her loosely as shown in photo. I have an eight inch wrist, not shown, I have a small gap in the cuff to have the same loose fit.

Hand made to order. Order as many as you like. Stack them up. If you'd like a smaller size contact me before buying.

$10.00 each. Includes shipping to US addresses.

Buy it before it goes to Etsy and save.

International buyers... I will offer this through Etsy soon. They offer a shipping calculator. Please be patient.

If you would prefer a smaller bracelet I have a six inch version as well. Click the following buy now for the six inch bangle.

In from the Cold: SIGNED PRINT

I have two copies of In from the Cold in stock.

Get one signed and shipped to US addresses for $16.