Sunday, May 20, 2018

Signed Print Book of the Day: Two Point Conversion

I have two print copies of Two Point Conversion in stock. I will sign, personalize, and ship, to US addresses.

Cost is $20 plus shipping.

Hurry while it lasts.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mid May Catch Up

How is it already the middle of May?
This year has flown by, while seemingly dragging along at a snail's pace.

So... okay, I've been busy. School gets out Thursday after next. We have the usual year end stuff. Final tests. Parties. She's going to have her birthday party a month early so her school friends can come. Baton recital. No graduation stuff this year. Two more years for that. Then another in six years.

I can say this, at least I'm not doing this all times three like I did with the older kids. I had one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary one year, spread out all over this city. All with extra curricular stuff that kept me hopping and broke in May. Thank the god of early menopause that I just have one now.

But, y'all don't care about all that. It's the writing stuff you're here for.

So, let's get to it shall we.

I finished the first draft of Courting Sin on May 6th. I wrote it by hand in pencil, so I'm now working on typing the first draft, and rewriting as I go. I should have the second draft finished in a week or two. I have seen the cover art for the book, and it's gorgeous. I have no plans to put this book out in paperback. It wasn't supposed to be a long story. I suspect it will end up around fifty-five thousand words. A mid range novel. Or what we call a category length in the biz.

So... what's it about?

Beach Volleyball anyone?

It's a fuck buddies to lovers story. Lots of sex. Took a twist into angstville that I'm still not happy about and will probably figure out how to get rid of. But then I'd have no last half of the book. And it's too much like a cross between Out of the Blues and Sidelined. Anyway... I can't set a publication date yet. By July.

And... it will be available in June through my Patreon as an ARC.

Speaking of Patreon.

Right now I have it turned off. I couldn't offer content for April and May so, I put it on pause. I plan to turn it back on on June 1st. I will have several levels to choose from this time. Three levels will have physical items that will need to be mailed out. I plan to offer signed copies of the new edition of Offside Chance in two levels, one for just the book, before it's available to buy, and one for the book and swag. If you choose those levels you get everything below those levels. The ARC and the ARC swag level. Okay if you choose the print/swag level you only get one print book. With a limit of the two separate swag options of the three. Also print and swag options will have a cap. Probably ten in each section. And unfortunately I can't ship books outside the US due to the massive expense of it. Oh, and part two of Stuck in Traffic. Sorry for the delay of that. Got busy.

Also, upcoming.

Last Man Standing is being repackaged next month. I have a gorgeous new cover for it. I'll have print books available through Patreon in July. with matching swag.

And finally, I'm working on the follow up to Two Point Conversion now. I plan to release it one chapter a month on Patreon. I have the first chapter mostly finished. It will not be edited. And I doubt it will ever be published, so that will be the only way you'll find it. I need to go back and read the first one before I get too much farther into this one. I'd always planned to take them through college in this one. So... anyway... yeah, Patreon, it's sort of where I'm heading as I figure shit out.

Courting Sin will publish on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes&Noble sometime around July 1st. And Last Man Standing second edition around that same time.

What's coming up after Courting Sin?

Epiphany will finally release around November 1st. And I plan to repackage Sidelined for August. I'm still sitting the fence about Six Ways from Sunday. I'm emotionally attached to that cover. But... it doesn't correctly depict Dylan, so... dunno.

I guess I'll start my read through of all the Scrimmage books this summer so I can get Blindsided finished by the end of the year. I make no promises. It's nearly June. That book is going to take me at least two months to get through the first draft. So... no promises.

Next thing I'm writing will be tentatively title Country Grammar. So... yeah. Gotta figure that story out. Hoping for a mid range novel like Courting Sin. I need to stop it with the C titles, soon it will be like the S titles. Way too many.

Cover reveals for Courting Sin and Last Man Standing coming soon.



Thursday, May 10, 2018

Country cooking recipe: Swiss Steak

I don't know why it's called Swiss steak. I could google why, but I just don't feel like it. I grew up in the country. Eating country food. Which pretty much translates to what we grew and cheap as fuck. And usually deep fried or with bacon grease in it.


I can deep fry anything. I am not going to deep fry anything. Just cuz you can doesn't mean you should. And I honestly don't like batter fried foods.

So, tonight I made Swiss steak. It's a fairly cheap, mostly all homemade meal.

What is Swiss steak you ask?

It's sort of a stewed meat in gravy thing.

You can google recipes. It's made several different ways. You can do a brown gravy, or a mushroom gravy, but that's too much like Salisbury steak to me. I use tomato gravy for mine. You can also use any cut of beef or even pork that you'd like. I use cubed steak. You know, that cheap steak with the funny texture.

You can leave the steaks whole or however you like. I cut mine into little steak nuggets. Make sure you cut out the bits with the fat, that does not fry up well.

And again, you can pre-cook the meat one of several different ways. Just saute it in oil or butter and add it to the gravy mixture or, do like I do, and lightly flour the meat and deep fry it. Set it aside when it's nice and brown however you do it.

Okay, so here's the recipe.

Cubed steak. How many depends on how many people you're going to feed. One per person would be a general rule. Most groceries sell them in convenient multi packs.

I cut out the fat and gristle and cube the cube steak. You can leave whole. Cut into strips. Any way you want to do it.

Season the meat. I use just plain sea salt and pepper.

Lightly flour. You'll want your meat damp, or maybe a little more than damp. I usually put a couple of teaspoons of water in before the flour and mix it with the steak chunks. This helps the flour stick to the meat, it doesn't form a huge thick batter crust. A bit of a crunchy crust. You can season the flour if you like. I don't. I'll tell you why next.

Either deep fry the nuggets like chicken. Or put a little oil or butter in a skillet and brown on each side. Either works. You want the meat to be mostly cooked through. And brown crispy crusty.

Set aside on a platter.

Now for the gravy.

I use a can of crushed tomatoes as my base.

I use the bigger can. And a half of a can of water. This will work for three to six steaks.

Yellow onion.

Bell pepper.

A bit of garlic if you like.

Salt and pepper.

This is all to taste, really. I don't measure anything ever so I can't write out exactly how I do it. I just plop stuff in a pot and it comes out right in the end. But I've been cooking since I was 11 years old so...

I use the equivalent of two onion slices. I like yellow or Vidalia onions best because they're sweeter.

Bell pepper, meh, about a half of a small one. But I made this batch for three people, so that was enough.

I dice the onions up tiny. It's a personal thing. I don't like to feel them in my mouth but enjoy the flavor they give to food. Dice it however you like. Big, little, tiny, or leave out completely. Up to you. This is a stew. You can do stew how you like to do stew. Same with the peppers and garlic.

You're going to saute the vegetables in a little oil. If you have some left over from the meat that isn't burnt, is good. Or fresh oil, any kind you like, or even butter, not a lot. enough to sweat your veggies. If you have an oven proof dutch oven use it. It's perfect. Make sure it can go into the oven. Most do. Some don't.

You want to get the onion to turn translucent, that's when you know it's soft. When your onion is translucent add your can of tomatoes and salt and pepper. You can add other seasonings if you like. Play around with the flavors.

Half a can of water to rinse the rest of the tomato out of the can. And stir together. More water if you have more steak. More tomato if you go over five or six steaks. Also if the steaks are huge. You don't want this soupy. Just enough water to expand the tomatoes but not enough to drown the food. You're going to reduce the water out in the oven.

Bring your tomato and vegetables to a boil, then add the meat into it.

Notice I did not say add flour to thicken your gravy. That's already on your meat if you breaded it before cooking.
Mix together really well.

Then stick it in the oven on 450 degrees for about a half hour. Or you can slow simmer on top of the stove, but I usually end up burning it that way. Baking is better.

You want to make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly and the gravy is thick, but not too thick. It should be soft but not fall apart.

Serve over white rice.

I like canned Del Monte French style green beans with mine... little butter, little bacon grease. Mmm.

Any bread you like. Or none at all.

It takes about an hour from prep to table. It's not pretty but it's yummy, fairly inexpensive, and feeds a lot of people.

Tonight's dinner. There are chunks of steak in there. I promise.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Courting Sin

I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Okay, so, no I don't live on the beach. I live in Mobile, which is a city not far from the coast. But I am still a coastal person. We have summer pretty much nine months out of a year. Sometimes, like this past year it's a bit less. Not much less. I mean, our spring is warmer than a lot of northern summers, so yeah, it's warm here nine months, and hot for six of those months, and fucking hot for three to four of those months. Yet strangely I write a lot of books set during the winter. I have no idea why. I even write stories about snow, when I've never seen real snow IN MY LIFE!

I have only written one book about anything dealing with the beach. I live about an hour drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I never write about coastal living of any kind.

I look at all of my books and can only find one that takes place entirely in the summer. Sidelined. I have a few set in the spring and a few set in the fall, but mostly, they're all winter. Maybe it's because I do most of my writing in the colder months because the kid is in school and I don't have a lot of distractions. Or maybe it's because it so rarely ever gets really cold here that it's pure fantasy for me. I don't know.

I start books set in the summer. I have about three that I never took past the first chapter.

Until Courting Sin.

Okay, technically, Courting Sin is set in May, but you know, that's a summer month here. It's usually hot already. We're getting there, mid 80s all week this week. Starting to get warm. Not quite to summer temps yet, but starting to get there... uh, yeah, about that-- summer around these parts is mid 90s and above. As Robin Williams said in Good Morning, Vietnam... "It's hot, damn, hot. Hollandaise in my shorts and you can cook things in it." or something there abouts. It gets damn hot. And humid and it's so fucking wet outside you're soaked to the skin the moment you step outside, and lord help you if you don't have a working AC unit in your car or house or... just build us AC suits to walk around in. That would be awesome!

So, Courting Sin was supposed to be a short, sexy, beach volleyball story. It didn't stay short. It did stay sexy. I'm containing it to under 50k words so... shortish. Right now I'm at 37k and starting to wind it down. Almost done with it. The problem is I am hand writing it, in a notebook, by hand with a pencil, did I mention by hand?

So, yeah, I'm going to pull this puppy into the first draft station in under a month. But--I still have to type it. I'm going to attempt to use the Dragon software that I have again, I might even record the fun I have with that. Did I ever mention that I have a slight accent? No? Well, I have a slight accent. Dragon does not speak Floridian. And it does not like cussing. I like to cuss. It is what it is.

And since I jumped too quickly with Epiphany, I have not commissioned cover art yet. I'll do that when I finish the first draft. Second draft will be the typed product. I'll rewrite as I go. Then off to beta readers. I might do alpha readers with this one, as I type the chapters. So far no one has read any of it. So I don't know if it's any good. Attempting to keep the angst and twists to a minimal to avoid length... so, maybe, mid-June-ish. I had intended it to be cheap on KU. I'll rethink that pending length.

So... what's it about?

It's a fuck buddy to lover story. Two beach volleyball partners with off court benefits figure out there's more than just sex and volleyball. Short, not sweet, and to the point. Again, mid-June-ish. I'll set a date after I get a second draft. Again, that's pending editing which takes as long as it takes.

Again, about Epiphany, I'm going to release it on November 1, 2018. I swear.

No, I don't know when I'm going to finish Blindsided. I might start it next. I might go on the mad search for that missing car manuscript and see if it's worth salvaging. I think it's somewhere in a box in my closet. It has that lovely Dan Skinner cover and everything.

Also, news about Southern Scrimmage, my previously released MMF football book will be repackaged as a SS book, and Bullet will be tied in to the upcoming football season. I mean, he already is tied in, just not in name yet. He was mentioned in LMS as a new old man receiver. I think. I'll have to re-read LMS soon. I really don't want to re-read those books.

Also news, the Southern Scrimmage new covers will be the last books I put into print. I just can not afford to pay for wrap covers anymore. My apologies.

Further news, once I have all of the Southern Scrimmage books re-issued I plan to attempt to release them in Audio. If there are any audio narrators who can do a really good southern voice, and will do royalty split, give me a holler, we'll talk.



Monday, April 23, 2018

The changing of the Kindle Unlimted guard!

There are currently a whole bunch of my books in KU. Two brand new for the first time. And a bunch about to drop out. So let's get to it shall we.

New in Kindle Unlimited.

Both books in the Adventures INK series.

Match Day

Long Way

The Iron Lace Series will remain in KU until June 2nd.

Behind Iron Lace


Leaving KU on April 26th

Cold Shadow
Beyond Complicated
Shift in Time
Wicked Game
Double Coverage
Last Man Standing
Bootleg Diva
Any Given Sunday

These books will return to regular price and will be available on Kobo and on iTunes/Books on the 27th.

You can follow this link to my Amazon Author Page for all books available.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Patreon news

I have paused my Patreon page. As I feared when I started it, I am not able to keep it up. If you are a Patron of mine you will not be charged for this month. I have it set to resume in June, but as of right now I can't make any promises. My apologies.

If you remove your Patronage, I will completely understand.