Any Given Sunday: Southern Scrimmage Series book 6

A Southern Scrimmage Story 
book 6
Erotic Gay Fiction

Cover Art by Jay Aheer at SIMPLY DEFINED ART



Mind the gap.
Any Given Sunday is the story that takes place in the gaps of Six Ways from Sunday.

Six Ways from Sunday was NEVER supposed to be part of a series.
Six Ways from Sunday was written in five days and was supposed to be a standalone short story.
As the Scrimmage series evolved and the story grew I realized that I needed to know Bo and Dylan’s whole backstory.
Any Given Sunday started out as Sunday Schooled. It retells Bo and Dylan’s story from the day they met until the ending of Six Ways from Sunday. Including the flashback scenes from Sidelined and certain aspects of Bootleg Diva from Bo’s POV.
Any Given Sunday explores the time gaps in Six Ways from Sunday, in greater detail.
Any Given Sunday is a companion to the Scrimmage Series and can be read in any order.
Any Given Sunday is an original story, the scenes from Six Ways from Sunday are not repeated in this companion edition.
Certain details and characters from this expanded story will return in Blindsided.


Readers sensitive to the perceived cheating in the original two books should avoid.


  1. Yes!! Can't wait

  2. Debbie from CanadaApril 16, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    Mercy, Love your Southern Scrimmage series and wait with bated breath for every release. Thanks so much.