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Payhip and what it is.

Payhip in partnership with Paypal is a way for creative people to sell their work without going through a third party site. This is a direct sales site, Payhip handles the hosting and delivery of ebooks, or even music or video files.

I chose this site for direct sales because I trust Paypal.

However, I know many people do not. The great thing about Payhip is that you do not need to open a Paypal account to buy anything. There is a credit/debit card option.

The only issue I've had is that sometimes the Kindle file will not open. If this is the case you should know how to transfer a mobi file to your Kindle from email. You should be aware that your Kindle has a specific email address assigned to it, you find this on the manage content and devices tab in your Amazon account tab. You must email your mobi file from the email address you have linked to your Amazon account for best results. I cannot email a file directly to your Kindle.

Epub files open on epub devices with no problems that I am aware of.

Mobi files are for Kindle devices.

Epub files are for pretty much every other device.

If you do not have an ereader and prefer to read on your computer, I do not offer PDF files. But you can download the Kindle for PC for free from Amazon. You do not have to purchase a thing, ever. You can find that link here KINDLEPC I think you can find downloads for Mac and other devices if you prefer Amazon. I do not know.

You'll find some of my published books on the Payhip page with a discount price. You'll find books that I can not publish to traditional book sites there as well.

This is my personal direct sales page. And the way I'd prefer to sell books.

Find my Payhip page with all available titles below.

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