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Welcome to my blog/website.

I currently have 26 novels and short stories 'officially' published. And 1 'unofficially' published.

I am not going to link to each individual book here. You can find the official book page with all descriptions and buy links to the right of any page. Just click on the book cover you wish to know more about and you will be immediately whisked to that page.
You will notice that the covers are displayed by series or as books closely resembling in topic.

This page lists the series' I have, and the books in that series. And reading order. Please see the page titled BOOKS: Standalone for all books not in a series.

The Iron Lace Series: Should be read in order listed.

Behind Iron Lace 

 The Cold Country Trilogy: Should be read in order listed.
book 3 delayed indefinitely

In from the Cold
Cold Shadow 

Adventures INK series: 2 books completed series
should be read in order listed.
Book 3 Gone Astray coming soon!

Match Day
Long Way 

The Southern Scrimmage Series: Book 6 can be read anytime after book two, the rest should be read in order listed.
Future books in this series are delayed indefinitely. My apologies.

Six Ways from Sunday
Offside Chance
Bootleg Diva
Last Man Standing
Any Given Sunday

Please click the corresponding book cover in the right side column for more information and buy links.

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