Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gentle Reminder

One week from today I will re-release my Shifter/Witch book Shift in Time. October 3, I believe.

And one week and one month from today I will release the second and final book in the Adventures INK series. Long Way. November 1st.

After that I will focus on 2018. Blindsided is not on the early schedule. Please stop asking. I've posted a late 2018 release for it many times. Cold Shadow is not on the 2018 schedule at all. My apologies. What is on the early 2018 schedule? Not a damned clue.



Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cover Reveal: Shift in Time

But Shift in Time isn't a new book.

I hear ya.

It's my sweet and sassy everything but the kitchen sink witchy/shifty book. The one I had a blast writing. And until the last three Scrimmage books, and Cold 2 it was my worst performing book ever. Well, not my straight romances. I can't even give those fuckers away. I pulled all of the non-football straight romances and Shift at the end of April. No sales for three months anywhere on any of the four books. Not a single sale.

So, the straight western will come back... one day. I'm a quarter through writing a sequel to it. An MM sequel. So it will stay a Mercy book. I guess the two books I took back from Ellora's Cave will just disappear. But Shift, Shift got a makeover.

I've always planned to write a follow-up book. I've always planned to link Shift to Moon and write a follow-up to that book with a fifth book linking their two worlds. While Moon did well enough after I self-published it, Shift has never sold well at all. Shift has sold less than half of what Moon has since I self-pubbed Moon.

I know you're sitting there wondering why that matters... book sales matter. If I'm going to spend three months writing a book I need it to do well enough to warrant a sequel. Shift has not. Moon has. I don't know how to say it any other way. If Shift had been with a publisher, they would have passed on a sequel. That's how business works.

Oh my god, I write for money!

I know that's anathema to a lot of people.

I write to make a living. There is nothing wrong with that. Why do people have issues with writers writing for money? I just don't understand that. But it's there. And not just in romance, or fiction writing. It's in script writing as well. Writers and creators of the story are the last thanked.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be about that, this was supposed to tell you about Shift in Time and what had happened and what I did.

Shift has undergone a revision. It's been edited (again, for the third time). It's been slightly rewritten. WAIT! If you've read it, there are no significant changes at all. If you update and re-read you won't notice a thing. Except maybe it's tighter. I fleshed out a few things that even I didn't understand what I'd meant after four years. I tweaked some wordage. Nothing has been added or subtracted. Commas maybe. I'll tell you this, after the last thirteen years as a published author I firmly believe no one knows where commas go. Each round of edits changes the commas. I give up on commas.

Anyway... Shift in Time will be back out on October 1st. Roughly 11 days. And it has a shiny new beautiful cover that I hope sets the tone of the book, and the genre. Nothing wrong with the original cover and I will miss it... but... Did you know I had a shifter book out? Yeah, not many people did.

Cover art by Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art

Y'all, she is fabulous. If you need a cover you should check her out. Click the link above.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Any Given Sunday... SIGNED PRINT

I have four paperback copies of Any Given Sunday available to purchase. Signed and shipped. US Addresses only. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Iron Lace series is on sale

The Iron Lace series now has matching covers.

And to celebrate, both books are on sale for 99 cents until this weekend.

A note to Amazon customers: If you purchased the version with both books you will most likely lose Lagniappe, if you have not already. If you update to this version of Behind Iron Lace you will definitely lose Lagniappe. My apologies for this, I didn't take that into consideration when I separated the books last year. The price drop is so that you may pick up Lagniappe for pennies.

Buy links for Behind Iron Lace can be found HERE At the time of this posting Nook is still showing the old version.

And Lagniappe can be found HERE 

 New Print editions coming soon.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A bit of news

I pulled Shift in Time from publication five months ago. It's probably my favorite of all of my books. I had a blast writing it. The reasons I pulled it are varied. It's a shame to say that it seems to not have been missed is one of them.

I've done an extensive edit and rewrite of the book. It's the same book. I haven't added anything. I've tweaked things that were missed in the first two editing sessions and clarified things that I didn't understand after all these years. If you've read it, you won't even notice the changes.

I also had a new cover made. I loved the original, and I will miss it, but the new cover will hopefully portray the genre a bit better. 

I'm planning to re-launch Shift in Time on October 1st. Just in time for Halloween. After all, it is a Halloween story.  Cover reveal coming soon.

In other cover replacement news....

I will be changing the cover for Behind Iron Lace for the final time. As you may know, I had bundled the sequel story Lagniappe with Lace when it was first released as a bonus story with Behind Iron Lace. I found out not many people knew there was a sequel so I released Lagniappe as a separate book last year. I've decided that I would like the two covers to match. Nothing more. The text will be untouched. 

If you bought the original double story with the current cover from Amazon, then most likely your book has been updated and does not include Lagniappe. I didn't consider this possibility. I will be dropping the price of both books when I change the cover. You should be able to update to the new cover on Amazon. If you bought from a different site that doesn't offer updates, there's no change in the story, you're good.

And not cover change news, but while I'm talking about release dates for old books... Long Way, the sequel to Match Day is still scheduled for November release. And that will do me for this year. I have nothing else finished at this time so, right now 2018 is a blank canvas.