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  1. Please oh please Mercy~ Don't let Levi die. He deserves his Tracey! I cried while reading Bootleg. I love the characters and Levi and Judy need a happy resting spot! I own all the books on my e-reader. I'm a huge fan, and I'm begging you, please spare Levi, Judah, Tracey, and Will.

  2. What Kerri said. I want to know more about the other three couples too--it is pretty obvious from LMS that Jude and Will found their HEA (we already knew that Dylan and Bo found theirs), but you cannot leave Tracy without Levi. And I am looking forward to how you resolve the whole thing with Angel and Demon; I suspect that after the Bo and Levi show (not to mention openly gay coaches Dylan and Tracy) even the dimmest lights on the team are likely to figure out that both of the QBs are in love with each other. You have implied that Slayer is still "unsuspected"; is that going to change as well?