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Ugh, all that pretentious bullcrap that I call a author bio... well it's gone from here... at least.

I don't like reading author bios. It's all in the third person as if someone else wrote it. We, the authors, write that crap.

Mercy Celeste is the reincarnation of... some delicate flower from the Victorian age, or Boudica or... yeah. Not me. 

Until I think of a new way to make me seem interesting this is what you get.

Hi, I'm Mercy. I write gay romance, mostly. I'd like to write more straight romance, but my readers don't want girl parts. So I'm writing MM. 

It's been a tough couple of years personally, and professionally, it seems. Trying to figure out where I stand in this business.

I have adult kids, and one actual not adult kid. I have three cats and a dog named Dawg. I'm an introvert. I have severe social anxiety. I am massively awkward. I live in my head way too much. I worry about everything. I don't own socks. And my only winter coat is old enough to vote.

I've won some awards. I've made the top 100 Amazon best seller list four times. Didn't last long any time. I've written over thirty finished novel/novella/short stories since 1998.

My favorite color is aquamarine and I have a strange love of flamingos that I can't explain.

You can reach me by snail mail, email, and social media. I might even answer. 

My mailing address is:

Mercy Celeste
I have closed my PO box. Please don't direct mail to it.

My email address is: mercyceleste@gmail.com

I have a tumblr. Do you have a tumblr account? Want to follow me? I have a lot of porn on mine. You were warned.... Follow me here:

I'm working on a Patreon: the link will be here soon

I'm on Pinterest for some reason. Follow me here: Pinterest 

Facebook, of course: FACEBOOK 


I also have an Instagram. I have no idea how to access or interact on there, but I have one. If I figure it out I'll post the link one day.

What else?

Oh yeah, my merchandise store... if you absolutely must have a t-shirt with my name on it, I have that too.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy my blog. Check out the book covers to the right, they link to info about the book. Read my weird ramblings.
Drop me a note. I might get back to you.