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Mercy Celeste

Mercy Celeste is the pen name and super hero persona of mild mannered MJ Colbert....which is bull, I'm not mild mannered. I was, in fact, raised in a barn--or several. We even had grain silos. My motto growing up, anything a boy can do, I'm right behind him doing it just as well or better. I've broken too many bones to begin to count. Scraped, skinned or scarred pretty much every thing that can be scraped, skinned or scarred. How I'm still walking and talking is a miracle.

I'm from Florida but I live in Alabama, I think I'll just start saying I'm from Florabama and be done with it. I'm a rebel supporting the Florida State Seminoles in the land of the SEC. Roll Tide, just not at my house. I married the love of my life (I say that now next week it might change) when I was 19, I've been stuck with him almost 24 years now. We have four kids. My oldest is 21 my youngest is 6. I dabble in furniture restoration and quilting. I attended the University of South Alabama, here in Mobile, for about six years, and never graduated. I studied things like Early Childhood Education and History when I should have been over in the business department. But it wasn't time wasted. I met my best friend there. I learned how to research. And found out that I have no interest in one subject enough to actually major in it. Jack of All Trades master of none, that's me. I've worked in a sewing factory, as a pizza delivery driver, waited tables and in retail, with a three day stop at Florida State Hospital (the state mental facility) before I hightailed it home in absolute terror.

I spend my non-writing time chasing kids across this city. I have two Maine Coon cats who have no idea that they're cats. Some days I'm torn on whether they are dogs or human, depending on what they've destroyed and how much it meant to me.

I live a small life, but it's full. Usually full of laughter, and bullshit. But sometimes the bullshit is what makes the laughter. I'd not change a thing, even the bullshit.

So about the writing, well, I don't really consider myself to be a writer. I'm a storyteller, and when I have a story to tell, it won't rest until it's twisted me up and purged itself. The result is at times comical or tragic, depending on the people who live in my head and what they have to say. Most days that's not a lot of anything. Others I can't shut them up. They especially love when I'm driving, oh, yeah, a drive across town is a lesson in how not to get myself killed or pulled over for reckless driving. And those are the good days.

Welcome to my crazy world, if it's boring now, wait five minutes, and don't blink. Things have a tendency to get interesting around me.

Mercy Celeste


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